Returning to driving

Well I'm excited today I can now drive after my latest tia  only drove local but  I feel free once again I'm still a bit confused my car insurance is due for renewal soon do I have to inform them about the tia advice would be appreciated

Yes, you are advised to inform them over any health changes since your last renewal but they only make a note of it on your file. Most insurance companies aren't bothered and it didn't affect my premium either.  They will probably ask if you have been cleared to drive by your GP but they know that if you have been told by the Stroke Consultant that you had to refrain from driving for the mandatory month rather than inform DVLA, you are fit to drive. Enjoy your freedom and independence again! Hope that helps. 

My stroke was in March and I’ve been driving very short distances for the past few months with no ill effects. Yesterday I tried driving further (a 20-25 minute journey) and felt terribly lightheaded afterwards. I felt better after a rest but my husband had to drive us home. It’s frustrating. Any advice out there, please ?