Return to work

Return to work today just after 2 months since diagnosis. Half shift for the next couple of weeks. Seems to have went ok just have to see how tired I am later.



Make yourself and your welfare the main priority for now.

Somehow there is and there will be life after stroke.

Keep us posted about your progress.

keep on keepin’ on
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Well done on returning to work @Steevo_fife hope it all went ok & you’re not too tired later. Good to hear you’re doing reduced hours for a couple of weeks.

Look forward to hearing how it goes.


@SimonInEdinburgh I’ve replied here as I forgot I started this thread. I started back Thurs & Fri for 4hrs on first week. Last week was Mon-Fri 4hrs per day. Felt a bit tired at night time but hasn’t helped with me wakening at 3-4 am. Usually I have had about 5hrs sleep by then and can normally drift off again after 30 mins.
So I had a meeting with my manager on Friday and basically it was up to me to stay the same hours or slightly increase. I have said I want to try going to my normal shift. This isn’t set in stone and we will adjust things to suit how I am coping.
I really can’t fault my work on trying to help with my return and told anytime I haven’t slept well or too fatigued to go in to phone my manager or HR.
I happen to be quite lucky as I basically self manage at work and can take things at my own pace. Our safety manager also checks in with me twice a day.
Will try to remember to update on progress once the next week is up.
Im confident things should be ok but most importantly if things are getting too much I won’t struggle on.