Results of my brain scan - good and not so good news

As some of you know, I had a brain scan in July to see if there was anything untoward going on deep inside the part of the brain that operates your legs. I have been suffering with numbness in my non-stroke leg since last September and was referred to the neurologist. She did think it might be another stroke deep in the sensory core. I got the results today and the good news is I haven't had another stroke and there is nothing untoward in my brain that could be causing the numbness in my leg.  She ends her letter to me saying that there is evidence of an old stroke which is probably the one I had in 2017. In addition there is also evidence of damage which is the result of hypertension and narrowed arteries.

So now, I am asking myself the question does she mean this in the past tense that this caused my 2017 stroke (hospital said it was a combination of high cholestrol and being on HRT over the age of 60) or does she mean that this damage has been caused since which has scared me because my BP is under control and quite low all the time. I also take blood thinners so that was supposed to stop me having another stroke. The way its worded it could be taken both ways :(  I know I should be on statins but I'm allergic to them although my cholestrol level is 6.9 which is OK ish for me as it was generally around 8 prior to stroke. 

Regarding the numbness in my leg, I have, since seeing the neurologist,  paid private to see a neurophysio and she straightaway diagnosed a mobile disc protusion in my lower spine. She has been treating me before and alongside NHS physio and has pretty much cured the problem. I am due to go for a blood test at the Drs next week so I will bring it up with the nurse and see what she thinks. Probably will end up in seeing the GP again to sort it out.

My guess its that this is all in the past. I find it hard to imagine you have had a stroke and not known about it. My left is the afflicted side (right side of brain) and now I am trying to equalize my legs. Its not the left leg giving hassle, its the right leg and I reckon this is because it has been over worked. My whole core is off centre. I do very gentle yoga and the instructor homed in on my wonky core. So I now practice sitting straight and standing straight. It isnt as easy as it might sound. 

Consultants didnt really have a clue as to why I had a stroke in the first place. Just unlucky. So they give me bloodthinners and doubled the BP tablets. I politely refused to continue with statins. I dont get along with statins. If I loose a few years of life then thats a fair price to pay. 

What you would benefit from is a good talking to by yourself. You have written many posts with excellent clarity and no nonsense. Now perhaps you should listen to your own advice.

My strange after effects take about a year to work through.  I am sure there is nothing wrong with my legs/arms/teeth and so on. Its all in the messaging system.

I wish medical science would catch up with us SS. One day, one day.

best wishes



I agree with Colin that this is all probably in the past. The explanation, however, sounds full of if and buts. As we all know from experience our bodies no longer operate as they did when we were blissfully unaware of the fact that how they operate depends on the complexities of our brains. Like Colin, I am aware that I use my good side to compensate for my weak side, using it,in effect, like ‘my main leg’. This affects the way I walk and the way I stand. In exercise classes I am also conscious of this because our instructor talks to us about equal distribution of weight on each leg or says, ‘make sure all your weight is on your left leg’. Mine never is because my left side is my weak side and the weak left leg the one most likely to send me flying.

Interestingly, I was put on the wrong statin after my stroke and then taken off it. Shortly afterwards, we changed our diet to one day meat, one day fish and one day vegetarian. We have also cut out a lot of butter and use a lot more olive oil in cooking As a result my cholesterol has gone down significantly and, although willing,have no need to go back on statins.

I suspect all of us stroke survivors are ultra sensitive about our bodies. Any head twinge gets me a little nervous and any cramp or slight chest ache makes me think the worst. All we can do is keep ourselves healthy, take regular exercise and eat sensible. Oh, I forgot, we also have to keep taking the tablets!

Funily enough, I went for a blood test on Tues this wk and the nurse read the letter. She agreed the bit about the damage caused to my brain by narrow blood vessels and hypertension sounded ambiguous so she offered to check with the Doc. I knew I definitely hadn't had another stroke but if  the scan was showing the damage was going on after the stroke which is how we both read it, that was a bit worrying. I got a phone call from the Doc to say he'd viewed the scan and although ambiguous, the neurologist is actually referring to the damage caused by the stroke so not to worry which has put my mind at rest now. I am hopefully going into the rehab gym next Tues to see how I go on after a gap of 11 months so really looking forward to that!