Result of visit to neurologist

I have been to the neurologist with my funny head and double vision and was very pleased with him. He did lots of tests and has come to the conclusion he thinks it is my inner ear and will recommend to me doctor that I see an ear noe and throat specialist. Watch this space I havent got much hope as I have had this bad head for 2 years now still I will give it a go when it will be I dont know. I hope this will be of some help to you. Norma.

I'm sorry to hear of your problems. All my problems seem to have been in my head. I had an astrocytoma when I was a teenager then nothing till I got the pituitary problem. then the diagnosis of bipolar when I had three psychoses. Then the stoke and the seizures. I am grateful for small mercies, at the moment I have a very supportive husband. I don't know why but it helps to know i am in the same boat with others