Research Participants Needed: Claiming Benefits with a Brain Injury/Neurological Condition

Canterbury Christ Church University

Keywords: neurological conditions, brain injury, claiming UK benefits, memory skills

Open to: Adults with a neurological condition and/or brain injury/stroke that have received or applied for state benefits in the last five years

Apply / key contact: Please contact Anthony Schaller by email on or call/text/whatsapp: 07828 451181

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I am Anthony Schaller, a Trainee Clinical Psychologist at Canterbury Christ Church University looking at the experiences of people with neurological conditions/brain injury when claiming benefits in the UK.

There is very limited research about how people with neurological conditions/brain injury experience claiming benefits in the UK.

I would like to interview people to improve our understanding of your experiences and help organisations provide better support.

What is the opportunity about?

The study aims to look at how people with a neurological condition (or brain injury) find using the benefits system. I am interested in what it’s like applying for benefits with changes to your thinking and memory abilities.

There is very limited research about this and I am interested in exploring what could make it easier or more difficult for people to claim benefits.

Your views will be grouped together alongside the views of other participants. My aim is to develop ideas that can help better support people using the benefits system.

We hope that this research will improve our understanding of people’s experiences. We also hope that the views of participants could help organisations provide better support for people in the future.

What will it involve?

You will be invited to take part in an interview with Anthony by video or telephone to discuss your experiences of claiming benefits.

Anthony will ask you to complete an online checklist before the interview. This is to make sure that you can participate in the study. If you can take part, you will then be invited for the interview. Thank you for your interest.

The interview will then last about one hour and you will be offered £10 as a thank you for taking part.

When the research is completed, I can contact you again to share the results. This is optional and is up to you.

Who can take part?

You must:

  • Be over 18 years old
  • Have a neurological condition (conditions that affect the brain) and/or brain injury/stroke
  • Have received or applied for state benefits in the last five years
  • Have some difficulties with thinking and memory skills

What will you get from taking part?

You will help us better understand what it’s like for people with a neurological condition/brain injury to claim benefits. You may also find it interesting to talk about this topic. You may like the opportunity to share your experiences.

You can also claim £10 if you take part. This is to thank you for your time and contribution.

How Can I Take Part?

If you are interested or you’d like more information, please contact Anthony Schaller by email on or call/text/whatsapp: 07828 451181.

Information on taking part in research

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Information on Research Involvement

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