Repeat pain from your stroke

Does anyone else suffer from repeated pain from your stroke? Let me explain…
So on the morning of my stroke a Year ago. I woke woke up, got out of bed and collapsed, hit a chest of draws by the bed and as I shouted for my wife not knowing what had happened to me, and tried to stand up, I got this excruciating pain on the sole of my left foot ( on the arch bit)
Occasionally even now a year later I wake up with similar pain in that same spot. It’s like a cramp pain
Does anyone else have this feeling/sensation?

Joey in Stoke :+1:

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I got a cramp; n my neck about 15 mins before my stroke and I get it now when I’m cooking(I was cooking when I had my stroke)not sure if it’s a mental thing as don’t get it any other time and everytime I get it my heart jumps into my mouth


I get a cramp pain in my affected foot some mornings, eases quickly but its still pretty unpleasant when it happens. Physio telling me its muscles and nerves waking up…


How long since your stroke candy?

It was a year ago Joey.


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I also get cramp in the arch of my foot. For me it is low potassium. At first they thought diabetic neuropathy, but I am not diabetic, nor pre-diabetic. Hard to know.

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Thanks Andy. So your like me a year on. Hope your recovery is going well and sorry for calling you candy :wink::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Wayne ( Joey in Stoke -on-Trent) :+1:

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May 25th and 26th 2022 will forever be etched in my brain…its ok Wayne sorry for calling you Joey!!!

I do find eRly morning stretches and exercises help with the tightness if myscles that creeps in overnight. Are tou still seeing the neurophysio and ot teams where you are?

Ypu could ask them for dome suggestions too , maybe drink more water perhaps.

Wishing you all the best matey