Reminder Today's Thursday zoom chat 1pm UK

Hello everyone :slight_smile:

reminder of the Thursday zoom Thursday, February 1, 2024 1:00 PM


If you’re non-technical, never used zoom before then tapping the link and replying No to download Yes open in browser Yes enable camera and microphone is all you need to do and there aren’t any sinister implications

If you download zoom it’s almost as simple, you’ll need to create a free account It is a little more complicated has a little more functionality isn’t necessary to join the chat and share with people who actually get your situation because they have it too

I will give you my phone number but admin consistently delete my posts When I include it SO - If you post a request I will DM you it (But I might not see if you leave it till 5mins to - or past!!!- 1:00)

You don’t have to enable your camera you don’t have to talk.
You’re welcome at any level of involvement including just listening.
Turn up at any time after 1:00 UK time although this week I will be leaving early but I will leave everybody else chatting.
The chat often goes on till 3:00 or 4:00 for those with stamina! (Or no screen fatigue!!) So feel free to join later - but you risk no one else being there or staying for long the later you join

Full details in Thursday online 'cafe' (also Carers)

The carers zoom-cafes is now running fortnightly on Friday afternoons 3pm, Zog also runs Friday evenings and I think sometimes on a Saturday mornings but details for that are in the zog’s group



@SimonInEdinburgh you’re a true legend of this forum! Thanks for everything