I am nearly four years post stroke and thought I would down a few reflections about the recovery process. Firstly, I am coming to see recovery as one of the biggest challenges of my life, especially as I am now 76. That said, I will never, never stop fighting to recover. As most of you know I go to three seniors exercise classes a week and, in addition, I am now going to physio to try and improve my weak shoulder and wonky left arm and hand. Yes, I would love to do other things, but I know I must exercise, exercise,exercise as long as I can and have to.

Secondly, I find you are always having to fight low moods and negativity. I do not give in to mine, but that needs working hard at too. Yesterday, I was moving a glass vase of flowers but unwittingly moved it too close to the edge of the table and off it went. There was broken glass and water everywhere. I gritted my teeth and told my partner I would clear it all up because it was my mess. I try hard not to break things, but a momentary lack of concentration is likely to end in accidents. And why I do not have more falls I do not know. I totter and sway sometimes like an ancient tree, but I tell myself, sternly, to focus and take care. Sometimes I think it a miracle that I end up safe in bed at night.

Improvement now is slow, but the shoulder is improving and the weak hand is becoming a bit more stable. I have also learnt not to overdo things and rest when my morning fatigue kicks in (every morning now for four years). I thank my lucky stars I can cook and that my memory is unaffected by my stroke, which was caused through a bleed.

So there you go, everyone, that's me at the moment. Still standing and still fighting on. Please do the same.

...hi mate...brilliant that you still pushing and will never give up...don't beat yourself up for minor accident...I often have,we all least think of your first response  - to clear it up yourself( positive and self reliant)...following a major stroke in 2011 aged 51, I empathise with your 'reflections', we are in the fight of our lives;I 60 now and still a bit wobbly, still subluxed shoulder, fatigue every day and still  fighting for more: it been 9 years: but my mantra of ' nothing to broken too find a way back' is seeing me through. Since visiting this brilliant forum and for many years, perusing your well written posts that,i consider, to be supportive,insightful, amusing and a real asset so just keep on keeping on brave man...





Yes John, we are all still alive, kicking and fighting. May we all continue to do so. Best wishes to us all... ☺

...and to you Ruby...well done for overcoming the obstacles and gaining your blue badge...a lesson in perseverance to us all...bless ya...


...respect. ..


Thanks for sharing JJM, it's better that a glass vase is broken, than something serious happens to you, you're irreplaceable ?.  Stroke is a cruel event, and there's no such thing as a day off to re-group, just exhausting.  Your posts remind me, that even when my husband appears to have a good day, there's an enormous amount of battling going on behind the scenes.  A vicious circle, but thank goodness for perseverance.  Take good care xx

Thank you Christian. Next to work on - my PIP application (on top of everything else). I think I will need as much, if not more, perseverance for that one, LOL! I will not get anything from the Daily Living section but will just get the basic amount from the Mobility section, if I am lucky (really ironic to feel lucky if I will be deemed disabled enough). Ah, the joys. At least all these keep me busy and involved. (One way to look at it I guess.) ☺

Hey Ruby coincidence has it last Friday was my turn for home visit assessment for dla/pip so, if you wish, maybe I can give you  a few  pointers...I have had to endure the cruel and heartless system for 9 years now... trust me to have major stroke condition in 2011 all through the years of austerity ...sod's law I guess...but even though these tick box exercises  often freak out the vulnerable who need help  the just another challenge where we need to be mindful, calm and strong between the ears...good luck mate. ...



Your fighting spirit is an inspiration not just to me but everyone on the forum. Your determination to keep on keeping on where others may resign and accept is truly phenominal. Negativity can creep in so often but I look around at others at my gym and think to myself if they can do it so can I and there are many who are not as fortunate as me in their abilities.  Long may your recovery continue and good luck with the physio.x

I never thought I would be able to get myself dressedor undressedbut now I can and use a knife and forkbut I have now all good news xx

"Knive and fork" brought some lovely early post stroke memories. First meal hubby cooked my first day home was salmon en croute, new pots and veg. Looked lovely,smelt delicious then I picked the knive and folk up with disastrous results, food went everywhere and I looked like a preostoric cave woman eating, but with time, practise and patience I got there , peas are still a challenge haha. Looking forward to our first public outing to a restaurant when safe to do so. Well done on your progress. Marianne 

Hthank you very much  when my mum passed away I told her I wouldn't give up