Reiki anyone?

Ok sorry, but I couldn’t figure out what section to put this in …I am a qualified reiki master and teacher … I don’t do treatments anymore because of mobility problems I can no longer stand long enough at my treatment table to actually give a treatment … but there is a thing such as sending reiki healing … so I just wondered if there were anymore reiki practitioners out there who might want to join me in a joined reiki healing send to the group on one particular day every week. Then those interested in receiving it could be shown how to receive it … if we all sent it together on one particular day, just a little thing to perhaps help some relax etc … any Reiki practitioner interested ??


I had a stroke almost 20 months ago. I am housebound at this point.

At one stage my wife, who is also my carer, was attending a regular remote online reiki session via Zoom provided by a carer group she had joined.

I think she got quite a lot from that, after all being a care provider is quite a burden. Sometimes by the end of a session she was in deep sleep but I feel she was getting the escape and relaxation she needed.

Sadly that group came to an end. I can’t speak for her, but what you are suggesting might be of use to all those affected by stroke. I will tell her about your plans. It sounds interesting to me.

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Thanks Bobbi … it really does relax the body which helps the immune system … sooo many of my clients used to doze off on the table while I was giving a treatment … lovely calm music playing in the background it is also relaxing for the one who is doing the session …


I do occasional Zoom meetings. Perhaps offering something via Zoom would be a way to go?
I have found the Stroke Association very supportive with my little project.

As I said, I think there would be an interest from all those affected by stroke. I hope you get the support and response I am sure you deserve.


I can’t do zoom … in the past when I had my own groups, we would sort out a day and time for every week which was best for us all, then do a send at the same time wherever we were … as not everyone is in U.K. … it is possible to send “with intent” … so the intent would be for those wanting to receive, for any time in that particular day … if they couldn’t sit and receive at same time … I often send to just 1 person who has asked me, by doing what I need to do at my end with the intent they can pick it up anytime on that day … I have done this with folk in America and Australia … we are not healers, the healing comes from within the person looking for help , which is why it has nothing to do with any thing religious


I understand that and I am sure it is valuable, as it was for my wife. I hope this thing comes together for you and for others too.
All the best and my wife told me she is interested.


Hi this sounds like a great idea, I am not a practitioner but would love to be part of the receiving bit I’m quite interested in reiki but never had the courage to do it, hope this all comes together for you x