hi my dad is in a care home ( he is only 66) after having a spinal injury which affected him on one side of his body and has had a stroke which has affected him on the other side of his body,he also has some brain damage due to the stroke.He is very sensitive to touch and does not really co operate with physio due to the stroke and brain damage therefore has been dismissed from physio,although im not sure if some of this pain is mental so possibly could be addressed with better pain management as a carer said sometimes my dad is reluctant to be washed in the morning but sometimes hes fine which suggests hes not always sensitive to touch.When someone has a stroke I thought there were a team of people who are supposed to help rehabilitate the victim ie speech therapists,occupational therapists etc?The nhs seemed to have signed my dad off after about 2 mins,I was thinking is there anyone on the nhs or free which could at least stimulate my dad mentally/re educate him,maybe move his arms/legs more at least/teach him how to grip again?My dad understands some things but can get confused and talks about the past/people from the past.After my dads spinal injury he had a lot of rehabilitation which enabled him to walk again but now he has nothing and is just lying in bed 24rhs a day,they do not hoist him into the wheelchair either as it causes him pain.I watched a programme on bbci player which proved with  correct rehabilitation vast improvements can be made Horizon - 2018: 1. My Amazing Brain: Richard's War   is there anything else that can be done to improve my dads condition?Any advice would be much appreciated,who should I contact for further help for my dad as it seems the doctor/care home/nhs etc have given up on him thanks amanda.

Hi Hopeful01

Thank you for your message, i'm sorry to hear about your dad's stroke.

Your enquiry is quite complex, you may find some information in the 'friends & family' section of the site (, or you could contact the Stroke Helpline, who are there to listen and provide support, their number is 0303 30 33 100 or email 

The Stroke Helpline have lots of valuable information on supporting your loved one when leaving hospital, as well as where to go to find a suitable care/rehabilitation unit and how this will be funded.

I hope this helps,

Take care