Rehabilitation Unit vs Care Home

Hi there - my father had a brain stem stroke approx 4 weeks ago, he's still in an acute hospital ward but they are looking to transfer him to a care home.  He currently is unable to walk or use his left side much, but can eat and talk (albeit sometimes slurred) and the hospital are pleased with his physical recovery at this stage however they are concerned about his cognitive capability as he has impulsive traits and keeps trying to get out of bed and falling. 

My concern is that if he goes in to a care home, he will not get the same level of physio and occupational therapy required to improve further.  Do we have any other options available?  Should he stay in hospital longer?  I've heard about rehabilitation units but are these NHS funded or solely private?  Any advice would be greatly appreciated!   

Hi star_spangle,

Thank you for your message, i'm sorry to hear about your father's recent stroke.

Your enquiry is quite complex, you may find some information in the 'friends & family' section of the site (, or you could contact the Stroke Helpline, who are there to listen and provide support, their number is 0303 30 33 100 or email 

The Stroke Helpline have lots of valuable information on supporting your loved one when leaving hospital, as well as where to go to find a suitable care/rehabilitation unit and how this will be funded.

I hope this helps,

Take care


hi this programme is interesting about the rehabilitation of one man after a stroke not sure how much was paid for by his family  your dad sounds as if he may have a chance of further recovery, unfotunately my dad has been affected on both sides of his body due to a spinal injury and then a stroke a few yrs later.If your dad cooperates the nhs team may continue once he is in a home but they did not with my dad as he did not coooperate with physio due to pain/brain injury.You could also pay a private physio just once to see their opinion on your dads recovery capability.I am looking myself if there is any free help/nhs to re educate my dad /mentally stimulate him more to get the brain working better and then perhaps he may cooperate with physio.

Hi Hopeful01 thanks for your reply, I am so sorry to hear about your Dad's situation - a stroke is such a cruel thing to happen, both to the individual and family but physio really is key to recovery.  It's terrible to hear that they have not continued with your Dad's treatment - do you mind me asking how long they persevered for? In my (very limited!) experience, they seem to write off anyone who requires more than a few weeks support, yet all of the advice on stroke recovery indicates its a lengthy road to any sort of recovery. Funnily enough I think we are in a similar situation to yourself - my Dad keeps trying to get out of bed and falling as he is too weak to support his weight, the hospital deem this as irrational behaviour, I feel that I would behave in exactly the same way if I were bedridden for several weeks! Plus a lot of the time he needs to go to the loo but needs assistance to get there, he has a buzzer to press but they take so long at responding, which must be incredibly frustrating for him as he is a proud man. They are saying his brain cannot retain information, so physio not going to help, yet his arm and leg are getting stronger. I find the team we are dealing with very contradictory as when you ask them how this can improve they quote repetitive brain training and physio however they are not willing to provide these services due to it being several months required! Surely it shouldnt come down to how quickly someone can recover, if there is a chance of any recovery then physio or other treatments should be provided ongoing. Especially when they make someone pay for their own care. Its very frustrating, they have now told us that Dad needs to go into a care home yet without any commitment to physio and rehab I fear his condition both physically and mentally will deteriorate.  Anyway I wish you and your Dad all the best with recovery and would love to hear how you get on with finding help for your Dad. I'm sure there will be someone out there who can provide this service, it just seems you really have to search for it, navigating the healthcare system is a full time job! Wishing you all the best