Regaining sight

I suffered a small stoke in April 2019. This has left me with a blind spot in my vision. I have read that it is possible to retrain parts of your brain to overcome partial sight loss. In the Guardian newspaper there was an article about using a computor programme to achieve this. Does anyone know anything about this please. I must admit I do feel somewhat of a fraud having read other peoples devistating stories after suffering a stroke. But it's worth a try. Thanks.

If you find out about this computer program I would be really interested to know what it is as after my subarachnoid hemorrhage I have a blind spot in the bottom right hand  quadrant of my right eye.

Hi, regarding your post concerning your vision loss, my stroke was 2 years ago and  I lost peripheral vision in my left eye. I have been using  2 free online therapy programmes developed by UCL and funded by the Stroke Association:


Eye Search

I have found both of these therapy programmes easy to follow and hope that the therapy will be beneficial.

I have also been referred to Proffesor Leff at the National Hospital, Queens Square, London,  to have a Visual Field Assessment in September.

Hope this is helpful 


Thanks very much susan.

I will look into these. 



Susan gave me a couple of things to look at in her reply to me. Maybe you could look in to them as well.

Good Luck