Regaining independence

When I had my haemmoragic stroke in December I was tol that by 4-6 months they would have a better idea what improvements I would make. I am getting twitched now as over three months have passed and the most physical improvements I've made are being able to stand with support and some small movement in my left leg from the hip. l get upset because I want to get my independence back. Am I expecting too much too soon?

Jane, alas, you are expecting too much. My haemorrhage stroke was five years ago. I had no left side movement. After 6 weeks physio in my rehab hospital, I could stand, walk a little with a Zimmer frame, but also needed a wheelchair. After another six weeks physio at home I could get upstairs and come downstairs backwards. After that it took me a good year to graduate to a stick and walk outside before  I got an FES machine for my leg and experienced  more improvement in my walking. During this period I had wobbles, but mercifully few falls.

I still have post stroke fatigue and although I can do a fair amount, I still have a long way to go. My walking still varies day by day and whilst my left arm and hand work suffiently, my hand lacks sensitivity and my shoulder area feels stiff continuously, even though it works. So my recovery is still work in progress.

Dear Jane

every stroke is different.

the doctors seem to be inclined to tell you the worst. When the stroke got me in late 2015 doctors were inclined to tell you the best.

i have concluded that only we can effect recovery. Take all the help offered, but its really up to you. The fact that you can stand and have slight movement is very hopeful. 

independence will return. Work away at getting your brain to move your limbs etc.

you no doubt would benefit from more physio. With the covid progress perhaps the physio could become available soon. In the meantime do what you can. Tiny steps. Its a long journey.

i feel so very sorry for you and other SS suffering strokes whilst covid is raging.

best wishes