Afternoon can I have your thoughts on reflexology as been recommended by physio?

The search for the forum says there are 10 posts/ threads The mention it…

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Hi Jacqui I had reflexology done some 30 years ago it was gentle and helped with neck and shoulder pain but she also mentioned my kidneys to get them checked out so I did and the hospital found nothing
? But in 20/20 I’ve started dialysis so she knew but the hospital couldn’t find anything !!!
I’d give it a try I still use it a little on my hands it helps!!!
Thanks Mark

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Hi mark
That’s crazy isn’t it. Thank you for taking the time to reply. I’ll definitely give it a try as you say it can’t hurt can it.

I hope you’re well now.

Thanks jacqui


no i have had reflexology but cant at moment as i have a sprained leg since march