Reflections on my second stroke

It's just over a fortnight since my two night hospital stay for my, albeit mild, second stroke. In its own way it was just as scary as the first and has been followed by similar emotions to the first: anger, frustration, but also determination.

Three interesting things: firstly I lost confidence in walking, secondly my weak hand is a bit weaker, thirdly my jerky arm (from the first stroke) no longer jerks.A visit from the community physiotherapist gave me back my confidence in walking. She simply said, start small again and build up. Today, I walked a fair way without stumbling once. The hand,though, still needs more work.


Fortunately, I haven't lost my ability to cook and bake and I follow the practice I was advised after the first stroke....utilise the weak hand as much as possible. So I do, with the usual swearing followed by telling myself to calm down and think things through.

So, although I dreaded it, my second experience is nowhere near as devastating as the first. A bit depressing but, hey, so is the virus!

Just an update to say things are looking up again. No sooner Was I Home than I was contacted by the Community Stroke Team. I was then visited by their physio. She watched me walk, understood my lack of confidence and recommended an ankle brace. She came and fitted this yesterday. It has certainly corrected my foot placement and today I managed two short walks with no foot misplacement.

Was also phoned today by someone from The Stroke Association and she checked over my feelings and requirements. I know I keep saying this but they are on the ball in Worcestershire. Not quite a month since the second mild stroke, but I have been well supported.

Am also doing exercises sent my my physio and doing the Joe Wicks exercises for seniors on Youtube. Back also to utilising the weak hand as much as possible and pegged the washing out today.

If anyone deserves support then its you John. You have helped so many of us over the past years.


Thank you Colin. It was a shock being bitten twice. The only good news from this time was the bleed that caused my first one has healed completely. Hope you are recovering well from your op.

Hello John, so pleased to hear your doing so well, it must have been a terrible shock to you and your partner. Sounds like you are as determined as ever to make improvements, it great to hear. 
I'm going to have a look at the Joe Wicks exercises, like a lot of us I've put the pounds on because I haven't been out as often and I'm grazing more. 

Stay safe and keep well.