Referred numbness left dide

My numbness and pain has its own clock, everyday at between 11am and 12 noon my face and left side ho numb and cold ,this can be brought forward by the act of walking on my left leg or any straining or effort, so bizarre and all too predictable for my liking, I reach for the paracetamol to get relief only sleep removes it sadly I believe when this stops I will recover finally.

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Thanks Lorraine it is the part of my stroke recovery I find hardest to adjust to as it makes me feel like really tough, at least when it stops I should be in a better place.

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This effect has happened at different times and so far been my closest issue that I can measure progress against. At the begining it was just as regular but lasted longer, at least the painkillers address the symptoms thankfully

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Hi mrfrederickson–That’s funnythat you mention every day between 11 am and 12 noon-- because that is the exact time I get what I call “the yuks”. NO other way to describe it. It’s just a feeling of hollowness in my chest and weakness and malaise. I have lunch, take a rest, and it usually goes away. By afternoon and evening I feel ok. It’s always at that same time. I wonder if somehow the brain is just tired out from the morning activities–even if it’s only the activity of being awake- or low blood sugar. Just weird. jeanne

You are right weird is the word an covers many of the recovery changes I have experienced to date.hope the fatigue moves to more convenient time, if only

Mine was a bit earlier today coincide d with my outing to our local garden centre for a coffee and a bacon butty, then some clothes for us both the bill has driven the stressful left side, going to have a cuppa tea and a snooze,then curse myself on spending too much money.