Reducing the Risk of Getting a Stroke

I am 68 years old &, in Feb 2018, was diagonsed with Carotid Artery Disease which increases the risk of having a Stroke.

My Neurologist prescribed a mild blood thinner & a low dose of cholestrol reducing medication, which I will have to take for the rest of my life. I go for check-ups every 6 months, & have not had a Stroke so far.

Since I was diagoned, I have read many articles on lifestyle changes to reduce the risk of getting a Stroke, & I am trying to incorporate all those lifestyle changes into my daily life.    

I was wondering if any other members are in a similiar situation, namely, not having had a Stroke, but being diagnosed with a disease which increases the risk of having a Stroke in future. If so, I would be interested in hearing from you in this Forum. 

Hi Salimwa

I'm sorry to hear you have been diagnosed with Carotid Artery Disease, but it certainly sounds reassuring that this is under control with medication and regular check ups!

It is also good to hear that you are adopting lifestyle changes to reduce your risk of stroke. 

I have noticed you haven't yet had a reply to this post and this may be because the site is mainly used by people directly affected by stroke, but I hope this boosts the post for you and people can support you in prevention of stroke and what they do to prevent having another stroke, i.e. change of diet, regular medication etc.

Take care


Hello Salimwa

Most of us on here have had a stroke but are all trying to stop any risk of a second stroke so you could say not much difference we just have recovery to deal with as well...

seems my stroke was caused by a rather large hole in my heart which I had closed last month. During the process they may have also found some heart disease although minor and my homocysteine level are high which could post to some disease.

To help this my stroke and cardiologist have put me on Folic acid 5mg it’s a vitamin supplement so you can buy it in any health shop and good for arterial disease along with B6 / 12 I believe so might be worth looking into. 

The cholostral meds we all end up on regardless of if we have low cholesterol due to the statins being able to bind any rubbish to our veins and or dissolve some fatty bits.

i would thensay exercise as even at 50yrs we start to form small clots in our body by sitting on our backsides and not doing to much so subject to what your doctors say walking and getting out are good for you.

Good luck with preventing any stroke!


hi salimwa. I can identify with this, as I too have/had carotid artery disease. (neck arteries furred up with plaque) the difference is with mine is it caused my stroke. a piece of plaque broke off formed a clot in narrower section in brain. in some cases the docs clean these carotids out with an operation, or they can be treated with medication and lifestyle changes. which my consultant opted for. he said when one does that they find the plaques progress can halt and even regress. 

meds I'm on is clopidogerel and statin. 

stations it seems don't just dampen down the bas cholesterol in our bodies but also can hsve a stabilising effect on plaques.

so what I do alongside meds is take care with what I eat, I tend to eat a meditterean style diet. I excercise daily, walks cycling, drink v v little, keep a good body weight, monitor bp. 

so far so good 6 years on now. 

hope my words help. cheers. v.