At what point of your recovery do you have to accept that this is as good as your gonna get. Then come to terms with it I am 18 months post stroke and in some ways worse than I was just after my stroke

Hi Nicki

Stroke survivors can keep on recovering for many years, but there are things which you may need to put in place to support you, such as aids to support with mobility or communication. Perhaps you need to have talking therapy to support you emotionally.. what is it you're really struggling with? 

Although 18 months may seem like a long time since your stroke, it is really not that long ago and you can still make a recovery for years ahead.

Take care


Hi Nikki, I don’t think you should ever accept that things are as good as they are going to get. I have found recovery to be slow and complex. I have left side weakness. The first task was to learn to stand and walk again. I had lots of physio and that was a great help. Because the leg and foot perform less complex functions that the arm and hand, they are like to improve more noticeably. However, after 22 months my arm and hand are more stable and can do more. Sometimes, you may not even notice recovery. For example, I can now put on and take off a coat in the way I always have. I only noticed that change after it happened. I can also peel apples and potatoes again. My weak hand still lacks sensitivity in the fingers, but it can hold quite delicate things again. I am also better at cracking eggs. However, every day can be frustrating as well. My weak hand will occasional throw things. The other day it threw a piece of cake on the floor. Boy, did I curse and swear. I battle on though and never stop making the effort.