Recovery update

Had my EEG last week and was given the all clear,so looking forward to returning to work in Jan albeit part time. Just need to get to the bottom of the cause now so had more blood tests today. The experts seem to be leaning towards atrial fibrillation atm.

Good to hear your EEG was clear and that you are managing to get to the root cause too.   Take it easy though at work. Part-time is a good idea to ease in slowly.  

Great to hear that you are recovering. AF is a common cause of a stroke, but I new nothing about this, until too late.

I assume that you are taking medication for AF. Please ensure that you  take the correct dosage at regular intervals. This should help. There are procedures to treat AF but they are not pleasant and may not help.

You may find that reducing alcohol will reduce the risk of AF and of a stroke, so this is a double win.

I found that AF can be induced by or after exercise. I keep away from the gym now! I find that walking and cycling are fine.