Recovery from tiredness

I was thinking today that the tiredness I suffered after my stroke in May 2019 is now very much better and I can continue with life pretty much normally and don't have the dreadful exhaustion any more.  I am not sure what brought that degree of recovery about but it certainly got a lot better when I added additonal protein into my diet.  I do try to eat heathily, and did so even before my stroke, but I found the worst tiredness was arriving 2 - 3 hours into the day so I added in more protein in the form of a simple sandwich (egg, ham or chicken) and found my energy improved.  I gave that up after around 3 months and just settled for eating something every few hours to make sure I kept the blood sugar up.  I didn't slip back and have gone on improving since.

Now I have no idea whether it would work for other people, and it is quite possible that, over time it might have gone away anyway.  But I thought I should maybe share on here in case it might help someone?

Best wishes 



I’m one year into mine and amazed at the varying degrees of tiredness. Some days could climb a mountain and others I’m asleep in the chair an hour after getting up in the morning

Tiredness can be a real nightmare. I had a heart attack in November 2018 and quickly learned that the post attack tablet regime was contributing to it, and of course the GP advised me to get out and get walking, to increase my heart rate, etc.

Then of course, last Sept/Oct my latest adventure with a non-stroke - dysarthria and dysphagia - after being diagnosed by the GP with a stroke. Apparently this is the result of a neurological condition known as pseudobulbar paralysis, and likely caused by medication I’ve been on for years.

The joys of another set of tablets.

But I know where you’re coming from with the onset early in the day, although mine usually hits its peak in the early afternoon. Your idea about sugar is interesting, and I have found that those small trifle pots and miniature custard pots have done a similar thing for me.

I wonder if the ‘little and often’ theory often used when firing a steam locomotive might well be useful whatever the food type or nutrition you need.

Hope it continues to work for you.