Record a Message of Hope for Stroke Survivors

The Translational Neuropsychology Group at the University of Oxford is looking for stroke survivors to take part in a video project about long-term stroke outcomes.

They are aiming to create a short video focused on the message of hope about the long-term following stroke, and that although stroke can be hard to adjust to, many people do make some recovery in their abilities.

They would like stroke survivors at any stage post-stroke to self-record a short video (~30 seconds in length) answering the following question:

If you could send a message back in time to yourself when you had your Stroke, what would that message say?”

Please send the video via WhatsApp to +44 (0)7935 242445 or attach it via email to Andrea Kusec at

If you would like to record a video in another way, please call or email Andrea and she can arrange a Zoom session to create a recording for you.