Recommendations for learning tool to help memory/cognition

Hi, my lovely dad had a stroke on Monday. It appears he is doing okay and highly likely that he will be coming home next week. The main area of concern is his memory and cognition. I'm sure OH will advise on resources (although quite hard to get to speak to anyone), being the control freak that I am, I'd like to look into some games (non ipad, although he will have access to one) to play with him to help with his recovery. Any recommendations? 

Hi, my dad had two strokes two years ago one of which effected his communication skills ect... the therapist will provide your dad some material to practice re training his brain.

we also bought dad dot to dot books, puzzle books ect....

We found dad was very tired after practicing retraining his brain bare this in mind.

keep safe x

Hi so sorry to hear of your dads stroke,  I am almost 3 years post stroke, and my memory /cognition can still be effected based upon how tired I am.  So I would say try not to rush your dad too much, let him come to terms with how he is now, when he is ready, try playing cards, and then progress to some board games.  It may do more harm than good rushing and him finding he can't remember.  On this forum there are lots of leaflets that you can read, I found them full of good advice, and there are some for those who care for us stroke survivors.  Dad will probably find that he is very very tired, stroke fatigue I'm afraid happens to most of us at varying levels but we learn to listen to our bodies, take a rest when needed and not try to run before you can walk as the old saying goes.

All of us wish your dad a speedy recovery, keep us posted.  Wendy

Thanks Wendy. Sounds like very good advice!

My sister-in-law is an Occupational Therapist and is currently working from home doing assessments by phone so you may be able to speak to an OT.


That's good to know, thanks.