Recently had a stroke

Hi just over 2 weeks ago I had a stroke due to a small bleed on my brain, was totally wiped of my feet. I am walking and didn't loose my speech and it didn't effect my face, the bleed was on left side of my brain so my leg and arm were dead. Physically I'm making good progress my arm i can't straighten its painful, I get numbness and tingling in my legs and my right hand, also noticed my cheek goes numb it comes and goes. Ive got severe anxiety which is exhausting and some days its there all day. I no its early days for me but on bad days I feel so alone and I try to talk to family and friends but hit brick walls, I'm basically looking after myself I can't concentrate to cook and no confidence to walk down the road for excercise I feel trapped and alone. Everyone keep saying it will get better so easy for people to say this. I feel someones snatched my life from me 

Yes it is very early days and as much as you don't think it will get better will it's just time ,I had a poci stroke 9 weeks ago ,I couldn't walk on my own in the hospital I had 2 physios with me each time I wanted to walk ,when I came home from the hospital I could just about walk to the end of my drive but I done it ,I had double vision ,but kept a journal each day and when I feel things arnt moving quick enough I read my journal and realize actually it is getting better ,it's also adjusting to our new selves,..I'm only just getting confidence to walk alone ,my OT made me walk to the end of my street and she walked behind me in the first few weeks ,but only when I feel strong I walk on my own it's not a easy journey but we are still here so need to cherish ourselves I wish you the very best ,keep talking on this site it really helps everyone knows and feels each others pain and struggles ...pippy 

Hello Merryself

so sorry  to hear of a stroke biting you. Welcome to the forum.

You are progressing so well and so quickly. 
keep trying. Things do improve provided you keep trying.

two weeks is just a fleeting beginning.

i imagine its your right leg and arm that is crocked. Keep your toes and fingers wiggling. This will remind your brain that it needs to control all your limbs.

Anxiety is common with stroke. Try to calm yourself and do not let depression get a grip.

the stroke association do a great set of leaflets that describe stroke issues. Do try to read them.

us stroke survivors understand what hou are going through. We are here for you. You are not alone.

as ghe pandemic eases then more therapy, stroke groups etc will grind in to action and give you support.

try to smile many times. It will help your brain to cheer up

and be positive. You have survived a stroke. Many do not


Indeed, it's a rough, bumpy ride, and sometimes my reslience is stretched to its limit. Talking to people does help but in my experience, it is difficult expecting pathos from friends and family, so I just make light of my disability in the most understandable way to them. Two weeks is very fresh from the trauma the brain has endured from stroke, for about a month I did very little but eat, sleep, and rest. Soup is brilliant as an easy meal in the microwave if you have to cook for yourself, I have had to plan meals very carefully as I cook for my family too. To make things easier for myself, I put on some music I like, have a glass of white wine to distract myself, and tackle the task of preparing the evening meal. I am always shattered afterwards but I make it through every time relatively unscathed. 

I keep snacks handy, and a kettle with instant miso soup at hand in my study for quick feeds. I had terrible anxiety at about the sixth month mark, I spent two months in my pajamas, doing very little. But we chip away and things improve. Now, I am more perplexed by the uncomfortable feelings and odd sensations I have, rather than anxious. I do of course get anxious, but am more brave about overcoming the anxiety. I should have video taped my early days so I could compare how far I have come, it would have been interesting, not necessarily useful. 

I am recovering very slowly, and the symptoms do become a burden, but I had multi focal TIAs (about six) and the major stroke hit both sides of my cerebellum. So my "little brain" was somewhat battered about, and the result has been increments of 2% recovery each month. 

We may feel alone but we can always seek company, from here and other sources. I participate in an online stroke group twice a week, it's very helpful. My advice is to take each hour at a time, forget about what the rest of the world is doing, your recovery is the all encompassing priority for you now, and when you start to feel able, you can reconvene at your best.

Hi, so sorry you've had such a rough time following the stroke.  I can't believe that you haven't had any input from the Stroke Team.  Most people have about 6 weeks of visits following discharge from hospital.  You should be having access to a daily visit from occupational therapists, stroke nurse, physio, etc.  My husband had someone every weekday for 6 weeks, it was helpful to have that contact, even though sometimes they didn't do much, it was someone to talk to.  If you can muster the energy, I would try to chase this up  -  I think it's shocking that you've been sent home to fend for yourself.  


Just to help you have an understanding of what the heck has happened, you might like to google "A Letter from your Brain".  It's about the effect of recovering from a brain injury.  Be kind to yourself, don't overdo it, have plenty of rest ... then some more rest.  

Keep checking in to the forum, you will get marvellous support from others who know what you're going through  ? take good care xx

I had a stroke in March. I am making a good recovery physically but still have tingling on my left side. I can do most things now. Haven't had my follow up appointment yet due to back log do can't drive. I teach so hope to go back to work in September. I had a visit from once a week for 5 weeks. Now I have been left on my own. I do think that I basically need time for my left side to improve-it is getting better weekly. The tingling gets more when I exercise.

For me the mental side still more work. I had a mind matters referal and I am on the waiting list for therapy. I also have a stroke buddy arranged through the stroke society who I speak to weekly and this is great.

Just after my stroke I was in a very dark place for several weeks but took it upon myself to do meditation and breathing exercises - from the internet and apps. I read a lot of books about stroke recovery. I chatted a lot on sites like this( this one is positive but some Facebook groups I find are a bit negative)

At the beginning I had to split my day into blocks. 1.5 hours doing a bit then rest. I still need to rest but usually have it a lunchtime. Have my lunch then rest. On days I don't mange this I find the next day or two I can do much as I am very fatigued.

I plan one or two tasks for the day at home and if I am going out I only plan to do  one a day. I have Wednesday as a mid-week break. Shopping delivery but not much else. 

When I meet people that don't know I have had a stroke they don't realise there is anything wrong. This can be quite frustrating as things are different, the energy I have to use to do anything is much more than it was. My head still needs some work.

The recovery can take years. I have been lucky and in some aspects doing well.

I exercise most days and try to go out for a walk everyday.

I have had to learn very quickly to take it day by day. Slow down. Cut out all stress out. Stop worrying. 

Be kind to yourself. 




Welcome ? I had a mild stroke 9 weeks ago. It's hard at first and the fatigue for me is the hardest thing. But thing do get better try and get out everyday I try too get out walk in the park. Just saying good afternoon to people help socially all the best des x

Good morning merryme so sorry to hear you feeling low

Do you have social worker and carers coming around that you chat to or a really good neighbour

Also found this forum a fantastic place where you can sound off and generally chat

I rung the stroke association other day and even though my tears the lady was so understand and so helpful. Like someone else suggested just go for a walk say good morning always good start of a chat or even talk about the weather us British love talking about the weather ?

It is still early my husband had stroke Christmas eve unfortunately he can't walk nor can he move from bed to chair he feels down but like I keep telling him. Things will only get better keep fighting keep positive attitude don't let this defeat you