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Hi everyone, my name is Mike, i'm 73 years young and this is my 1st post on this guide. I had what turned out to be a mild stroke on new year's eve (What a night to be rushed into hospital at 9pm). I spent 9 hours on a trolley in A&E, mostly in a corridor along with people who had been out celebrating the new year!!  After a few hours I was examined by a stroke nurse who said I hadn't had a stroke and it was probably my recent change of tablets as I was previously having a few heart and breathlessness problems. Over the next few days I saw my GP who sent me to the local stroke department at the hospital. After having a brain scan and a dopler scan on my neck the specialist confirmed it was a mild stroke and he would have a word with the nurse in A&E who missed it. This week I have now had a follow up at home from a physio who gave me some exercises to do and these seem to be helping. I'm not allowed to drive or ride my bike but hopefully this will change after my follow up appointment in another 3 weeks. I keep having some decent days and some where I feel exhausted. I presume this is normal. I think I've been very lucky afetr reading some of the posts on here.  If anyone can give me further help or advice I would be very grateful. Many thanks, Mike.



Welcome Mike. All strokes have their impact and post stroke fatigue is common to most of us. Listen to your body and rest when you need to. You might also need to slow down a bit and pace yourself more. You need to find out exactly what caused the stroke and that you are on the right medication. I also changed my lifestyle and diet. I drink less alcohol and my diet is one day meat, one day fish, one day vegetarian and very little processed food.

My stroke was worse than yours, I suspect, so I need exercise and go to thre classes for the over 60s a week. Relaxation classes also help. I now take each day as it comes and try to remain as stress free as possible. Good luck on your post stroke journey.

Dear Mike

Sorry to learn of the stroke biting you, but welcome to this site.

Lots of rest. Drink loads of water (yuk I hated this). Move every muscle several times each day.

I suggest you press to have your written diagnosis. The hospital should write to your gP and provide you with a copy of that letter. The staff at the GPs can help without the need for a GP appointment. When obtained, hang on to this document as you will probably need it later.

Impressive that you can write so clearly.

You can not drive for one month after a stroke. But if you are fit after one month then you can drive. Yes the follow up visit would be a good time to get advice on confirming you are fit. Dont involve the DVLA until it is essential. 

A lot of us get "post stroke tiredness" (again, you need your written diagnosis) which is a fatigue that comes and goes.  More comes than goes but it varies.

Every stroke is different but many of us have common issues.

Lots of us are here to support you.

Ask whatever you like, someone will share their experience.

Best wishes



many thanks for your words of wisdom, I'll try to follow your advice as it makes very good sense. Regards, Mike.

Thank you Colin, your tips and advice are very useful and I will take note of them all. Best regards, Mike.