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Hi everyone.

It’s been almost 5 weeks since my TIA diagnosis. It was a Saturday and myself and my husband had had a really nice day after a fairly stressful work week. He had already gone to bed and I was getting myself ready for bed when I suddenly noticed my left arm had gone completely limp, I then felt very dizzy so sat on the bathroom floor but couldn’t get back up. I managed to kick the wall which alerted the dogs and then him. He got me up and recognised right away that I was having a stroke as my left side of my face had dropped too an my speech was slurred. He go me into the spare bedroom and called the ambulance. After a 2hr wait they finally turned up and took me to A&E where I was scanned straight away and they confirmed that I had had a TIA. The stroke doctor wanted to admit me but the hospital was in critical and there were no beds available so I spent the night in a chair. Fortunately the left sided weakness resolved by the morning and I was discharged hom with Aspirin and Clopidigrel and told not to drive for a month. Two weeks later I had a 24hr heart monitor but still waiting for the results which they said would take about 6 weeks. Referral was made to the TIA assessment team in the community but I have still not had an appointment to see them.

The first week home I didn’t feel too bad but the second week I felt like I had hit a brick wall with fatigue, and feeling very unwell (husband was ill that week with flu symptoms and so I assumed I had caught something from him. I tested for Covid which was negative. I then developed a chest infection which affected my asthma, along with dizziness and vomiting and numbness in my fingertips. I saw a duty GP this past Monday and he said he was sure it was Covid and that the infection had caused Labrynthitis causing the dizziness and prescribed antibiotics, steroids and anti-sickness tablets. I also have a vile taste in my mouth and everything tastes and smells horrid at the moment making it difficult to eat very much. I mentioned to him my concerns about going back to work because of some cognitive changes I was feeling and he completely dismissed it as not possible after a TIA even though my husband and a couple of friends have noticed them too.

Luckily my manager is very supportive and doesn’t want me to come back until I have had my assessment. Just before xmas I had applied for a partial retire and return thus reducing my hours to 27hrs a week as I will be 60 in May. She’s happy to do a phased return also but she said today that work is very stressful at the moment because of being short of staff and doesn’t want to bring me back into that stress. I work as a medical secretary in Oncology, mainly work from home but one day a week in the office in the hospital. Due to the nature of the patients I deal with every day I would be mortified if I made a mistake and that is my biggest worry along with dealing with the stress of the job.

Sorry for the long essay but any thoughts/suggestions would be appreciated.

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@Poppyfield hi & welcome to the forum. Sorry you’ve had cause to join us. Generally we are told that the affects of a TIA are transient & therefore often resolve in 24 hrs with the exception of fatigue which can last a while. I had a TIA end of last year & still have the fatigue & a couple of little symptoms but not sure if they are related to my original stroke & have just resurfaced after my TIA.

If you have had covid that can affect your taste & that could be causing the food to taste vile. Hopefully this will improve in time but try (i know it is difficult) and eat as normally as possible. If you can’t tey adding some supplements to your diet until eating retirns to normal.

I continued to work after my TIA but had to concede a couple of weeks back & go off sick. My advice is to take as much time as you need. Don’t rush back into a stressful situation as it will make your fatigue worse & could result in you being off longer.

Wishing you all the best.


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Thanks Ann

So maybe it’s the fatigue that causes the brain to feel not as sharp as normal

I will also look into getting some supplements. Fruit I don’t have a problem with and tonight hubby is doing a chilli to see if that masks the taste I have in my mouth.

Sorry to hear you had to go off sick and hope you are on the mend soon. I think I’ll give myself a couple more weeks and then dip my toe back in gradually and see how I go.

All the best

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Hi Netty,

It is very likely the fatigue causing you to feel less sharp.

I did a phased return to work after my stroke & that helped loads. In fact i would say it’s essential…even if you don’t think you need it I’d ask for it.

Hope the chilli tastes good for you. Nothing worse than foul tasting food.

Best wishes


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Hi @Poppyfield
Hello and welcome :slight_smile:

I’m sorry you’ve had a reason to join us, I’m also confused by your description that says you had a TIA and you have ongoing symptoms. That is contradictory. The T of TIA means transient and you seem to have lasting symptoms.

In my health authority covid and stroke pathways have some common oversight because they have some common symptoms but if you don’t think you have had covid then the stroke symptoms would match those you have described such as cognitive deficits and taste issues .

I had taste challenges after my stroke for over a year indeed scrambled egg still tastes as if it has suckering in it but most things have gone back to normal - in fact curries and chillies were the most tolerable things when my taste was most affected

I definitely take Ann’s (Mrs5K) advice about expecting to take some time before considering returning to work!

You might find the Welcome - what we wish we'd heard at the start gives you some information that you have not had from other sources so far


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