Recent stroke

Hi my husband is 45 had a tia in July, and a stroke two weeks ago which has left him with a left side weakness,they say they think it was a dissection in main artery but then decided they are not quite sure if it maybe life style related he smoked 15 roll ups a day and maybe 10 cans of lager per night,After his tia he was put on medication and cut out cigarettes and cut down alcohol,only to go back to normal a couple of months later after a family member died he’s home with physio and occupational therapy every day not drinking on meds but still having 4/5 cigarettes a day,I worry every minute of the day about the fact he may have another stroke because of this.

Hi - it is certainly a constant worry, however at some point you have to trust the medication and the positive change in lifestyle and believe that things will improve.  Thank goodness that your husband will have the chance to make a recovery.  Make sure he has plenty of rest - his brain will need time to heal and it can only do this with time and rest.  He may benefit from some specialist counselling as he has a lot to deal with, I can't imagine how difficult it must be to make so many lifestyle changes, but he's done well, he's survived and with your support he can make a good recovery.  Take care both of you - read some stories on this site, they will encourage you xx