Really tired and anxious this evening

Just needed to write this. I have quite bad fatigue this evening and it’s making me feel a bit down. We went away at the weekend, not far and just relaxed, then I was tired for a few days on our return. Yesterday I went to a get together with former colleagues for a couple of hours that I enjoyed. I was then tired last night (as expected). Today I started off okay, managed to cut the grass which made me a bit tired, but still went for a walk this afternoon for about two miles (probably foolishly). This evening Im just wiped out - it’s a while since I’ve had this level of fatigue. Clearly I’m still learning how to pace myself! The anxiety is there as well - disappointment really as it feels like one of the step backwards we all have. Anyway, Ive had a bath and an early night calls (even earlier than usual!) and tomorrow is another day. Hopefully a bit better one! Just writing this helps a little


Maybe you’ve learnt a little about pacing yourself?

After yesterday’s cafe another zoom call in the afternoon a very emotional zoom call with ‘the director’ I’ve had a pretty tough day today too.

I will share that it was actually a really positive conversation where he took the concerns on board :slight_smile:

We can sofa surf like Kieran does all day tomorrow - oh no I I can’t the wife’s arranged the day out- ahhhh :slight_smile:

Hope you’re feeling better tomorrow

Best regards



@Pinch sounds like your fatigue is an accumulation of a your weeks activities. You’ve had a good but busy week so an early night & plenty of rest seems to be in order.

Hope tomorrow is better for you but just take it easy.



It was so nice meeting you N.

I am so cream crackered myself - I need to learn from people like @SimonInEdinburgh that I should just slow down.

Time for some bob d for me and see if I (well JP) can find some chocolate!!

Stay cool :polar_bear: :wink:


Those are wise words at the end


@KGB @SimonInEdinburgh @Mrs5K @Moonie66

Thanks for your replies - always good to get the support on this forum. I think I am slowly learning to pace myself but it doesn’t happen overnight!

@Moonie66 You’ve certainly had a busy time, at this point in my recovery I don’t think I’d cope with all that! I think you deserve a rest - the jobs will still be there in a few days. It is frustrating though, I, like others, was very active as well, which makes the fatigue more difficult to cope with.

I feel a bit better this morning, but I think a day of rest is called for. The sun is shining here which always makes me feel better!




It may feel like it is going backwards but it’s actually a result of going forwards. Fatigue tells us our brain has done it’s best and now needs to rest, and pacing oneself can help it go further without hitting a brick wall. It’s a tricky balance at times.


I find that I have got in to a pattern of one active day followed by a quiet restful day. This seems to work for me in keeping down the fatigue levels.
It all works well until circumstances dictate that I have two active days in a row. That’s when fatigue can really kick in.

Yes, that does help me too. :sleeping:


All perfectly normal ,most of us have experienced anxiety and tiredness on the recovery road.
I am now almost 14 years post stroke and my experience is that you will learn to pace yourself to do things in short spells and to build in rest periods,or to take a short rest if tired.
You do need to push yourself and remain active but to do so allowing for rest breaks.
Periods of mourning for the abilities that you have lost are understandable but I found that concentrating on those things that i could still do allowed me to progress.
My eyesight was damaged so that I had to stop driving but it is amazing what you can do using public transport including transporting things from the DIY superstore on the bus !
Good luck on your journey.
Plenty of advice and support available on this forum.



Did you catch anything :rofl: @Moonie66 - a tomato or a grape? At least you don’t need a fishing licence in there!


I’ve had the fatigue for a good while now @Pinch , but I thought it was an operation I had last year that took it out of me. I seem to go to sleep sitting on chair or seem on a big ‘downer’ as though depressed but nothing to be depressed about, so I think mine is perhaps overdoing stuff. Hope yours eases up for you soon. Take care, Bert


@ all

I have a raspberry cheesecke, some raspberries and soem cream and some football and you guys and a JP - I am going to chill with a classic film later.

Watched the boondock saints the other day - fookin awesome!

Stay cool all


:polar_bear: :wink:


Hi @Pinch, five years on from my stroke and I still havent managed to pace Myself. I was so active and still think in my mind that I can do the things I used to be able to do and then reality hits and I struggle with fatigue for days after.
When will I ever learn🙈.
Pace yourself, I know easier said than done!
Take care.



Sir I get you sir!!! Or Mam I get you Mam!!

Completely agree. Just have to remember not to do things!! Why do I keep bending down when I have a JP and grabber in every room then have to sit down becuase I feel dizzy for 20s!!! It’s a struggle to stop!!!


:wink: :polar_bear: