Reality DTx

I have used Hobbs rehab for OT and a friend of mine has been going for years as she suffered a TBI falling off her horse. I have not used this particular piece of kit as I do not have the issues it could help with.
If you think this isn’t suitable for the forum feel free to delete, but it isn’t a sales post, I saw it on my FB feed and thought it might be helpful for some members. It is not available on the NHS.

Hobbs Rehabilitation is thrilled to announce the introduction of a new neurotechnology device, Reality DTx® by Strolll 👀

This remarkable innovation stands as the world’s first patented augmented reality (AR) solution, designed specifically for cueing therapy and gamified exercises aimed at enhancing gait, improving balance, and reducing fall risks for individuals living with Parkinson’s and other neurological conditions.

For more information, please visit: [Strolll Joins Hobbs Rehabilitation With An Augmented Reality Solution For Neurological Conditions | Hobbs Rehabilitation]

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I think it’s a suitable post
And Hobbs have a good reputation

I will be exploring the link.

I’m also part of a lived experience group for a PhD student who postulates the use of music-based games to help rehab.
There was a workshop on Thursday this week where we looked at some virtual reality games and non virtual reality games .

They all had useful facilities. The virtual reality ones have the challenge that they easily make you feel sick and that particularly can be prevalent with people who have, balance, visual or vestibular challenges - IE stroke survivors!

The Nintendo Wii balance board is sometimes cited as useful and the Nintendo switch with the detachable controllers for upper limb

Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

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