Reality check

Hi all

Well I had a reality check there. I had 2 years in my head as a magic number when all would be back to normal. Well its come and gone, I still have problems and it's taking me a lot of effort to realise as so many have said on here, this is a new me. X


Hi Mo. I am sure you are not alone. I am five years on from my big stroke and five months on from my little one. Part of me still resents the change in lifestyle, but every day I battle on to improve. My exercise classes have restarted and, boy, have I missed them. I ache like hell afterwards.

I can cook, I can bake, but I can't hold anything over a certain weight in my left hand and I am still clumsy. Typing shoelaces calls on a great deal of patience, some swearing and a lot of telling myself to calm down. The fingers were affected by the second little stroke and lack sensitivity.

But when I see people in a much worse condition than myself I realise how lucky I am. Finally, on a more comical note, I lost my balance in the bathroom the other day. Instead of falling over completely and injuring myself I ended up on the loo in a perfect sitting position.