Real Talk

I would love to start a group each week called Real Talk. As much as the social groups and 6 week courses are fun and sociable in what can be a very lonely experience, I feel and believe that there is a huge need for deeper stroke related topics. This would include struggles with speech, weaknesses in the body, memory loss, loneliness, asphasia and much more.

Obviously because of what I have been through myself this is something very close to my heart. The help and support out there is amazing but I believe the deeper discussions and mental effects support is lacking. I believe that the only people that could manage this are people that have lived it themselves. If anyone feels the same and would find a group like this benefiting than just a social group then please feel free to message me. 

Hi realsurvivor, Thank you for posting 

To real survivor,  thank you v much for posting, i read with interest your post, I reckon this is great, pls would u be kind enough to message me, thank you (  )

Sure, I'd be keen for that.

Hi mate...after 10 years of  trying to negotiate my way through chronic stroke I have an idea of how you feel. ..your right : only us who have experienced  truly know...your idea is very progressive & I hope you get beyond the idea stage - it's so needed, count me in...good luck


I’d be up for that

got some good replies,,,,?

Hi I'm up for that as a stroke survivors we understand how it feels and ways around problems