Ready prepared pureed meals

My mother has recently had a stroke and has a PEG fitted for feeding. She is going to be discharged soon and has been trying level 4 pureed meals. I will not be able to prepare these for her on a regular basis and wondered if anyone had any tips for getting supplies?
Also, which ones taste nice because they all look horrible to me!!!

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@Helenc Hello & welcome to the forum. Sorry to hear your mum has suffered a stroke.

I don’t have any personal experience of level 4 pureed food but have you had a look at somewhere like Wiltshire Farm Foods or Oakhouse Foods as i believe they do these types of meals.

I’m not sure they’ll ever look great but they do try and make them look more like real food these days.

Best wishes to you & your mum.

Ann x


Hi @Helenc - my next door neighbour, who was an excellent cook, had meals from Wiltshire Farm Foods when she became unwell. She was largely very happy with them and had several favourites (which I now can’t remember!). Might be worth giving them a try? You can easily get a hard copy brochure or look online and I recall they had an extensive range. The delivery service was very good too.

Hope you sort something out.


Hi @Helenc

Welcome to the forum. You will find the folk here both empathetic and helpful. You might find the welcome post hopeful Welcome - what we wish we'd heard at the start

Amongst other things it will tell you about the search of the top of the screen. If you search peg feed you’ll turn up at least 16 posts on the subject - that will tell you about other experiences. Also if you search the internet for adult peg feeding will turn that tons of information including making your own (I guess significantly cheaper!?) and also some specialist suppliers

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Hi @Helenc



as all the other lovely people on here have said -



The first few bits and pieces are going to be a bit of a blur of new things and what you can do to help.

Sounds like you are really strong and already helping and planning. Wow you are amazing. Thank you on behalf of a stroke survivor to a carer.

I can’t advise on meals I’m afraid but maybe just some soups could do and if not then blend them? Might take the hassle out?

That’s not advice I don’t know I’m afraid just my ‘sroke brain’ trying :rofl:.

So sorry you and your mum are on this journey. I am 10 months in from 3 ischemic strokes and it is hard for my friends and family and me!!. but there are good and bad days!

Keep talking to us


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Here is a picture of some polar bears to cheer you up!!

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Hi @Helenc, when my Mum had her stroke back in 2020, she also had to start on Level 4 Pureed Meals and we used Wiltshire Farm Foods. They have a specific section for Level 4, deliver once a week and have a good selection including desserts. We couldn’t have managed without them in the early days.

Best Wishes,