Rant time

Sorry everyone I need to vent, I am sick of the pain in my left side the loss of sleep the restrictions of being disabled.
It is all lasting too long, knowing I cannot sped it up making me even more ragged.

The continual discomfort in my own body is like an open sore, killing the next 6 years in the hope I come right is not going well in my head so frustrated.

Thanks for listening.


@mrfrederickson sorry you’re feeling that way. It’s always frustrating when things don’t happen as quickly as we’d like. Being in pain all the time is rubbish too. Have you started your new pain meds yet? I think you said they were being changed following a recent appointment.

Stay strong…you’ve got this.

Sadly need the GP to read and communicate their agreement in the suggested types then I need a prescription my wife is applying the pulse roller to my leg in an attempt to change the brains recognition of a pain level

Hope the GP sorts it soon for you. Hope the pulse roller helps in the meantime.

Fingers crossed the new meds work pain free is good


Hi, sorry you are struggling to get this all sorted. Feel free to rant, I always find it helps in a strange way. I sometimes feel that I’m trying so hard get my life back on track but seem to take 2 steps forward and 3 steps back and if you’re in pain as well it must be so difficult.

I hope your gp gets your meds and pain relief sorted ASAP.

Best wishes Sue

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Thanks sue hope so too pain going would accelerate my mobility vastly.

Over the two years I’ve been using this site The need to have a rant or venting is often posted.
Is it because we find this accepting so hard ?
For me without any physical disabilities, its the head and vision loss that I have to come to terms with and I struggle with this some days , and a bit of self pity creeps in , so what comfort or advice can you offer to the traveler’s on this site who have a tougher battle.
At the stroke group I attend , a good cross section of the different types of disabilities are represented, a few of us have a good moan but others seem to have conquered this acceptance and there are some impressive recovery stories.
I never was a ranter before but now and again a good rant ( when alone) gets grey clouds moving.


Yes my problem too I feel like I am making positive changes but then some little issues makes your life a little worse and sets you back in your head. Tena pads are not what I wan just need to be more timely with loo breaks

Yes it’s those little reminders that spring in from nowhere that get you. Can’t face going anywhere near place I once work for fear of meltdown. But have been reassured that things do get better

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If it is ok, I will have to rant. I am sick of having NO! progress with my walking since September, despite being a “star” inpatient who took on extra sessions and have been able to walk after paralysis, since June. Never ever do I think these horrible sensations I get from my thalimic stroke will improve and between that and the fatigue I suffer I am absolutely fed up. I have never stopped working in therapy either for the last eight months. I did not expect this. The only comfort I do have is this site.


@Mbhope sorry you’re struggling to make progress with your walking. I too have made no progress for months with my walking. It can be very frustrating. I have only just reached an acceptance that this is how it is for now but keep working on it in the hope that it improves at some point. I hope you get that improvement really soon.

Have you seen any medical professionals to discuss your walking? Have they offered any suggestions? If you’ve not seen anyone maybe its worth contacting them.

Sending best wishes.

Ann xx

Thank you for your reply. Yes, I see a pt, ot, and aquatic therapist twice weekly plus a nuerologist. I was also hospitalized last weekend for observation while waiting for another MRI. I have cerebral small vessel disease to a greater degree than others my age (nuerologist says this is a common finding for all over 45) so I worry that it affects (?) my gait but the professionals all say it is all just the stroke. My pt seems wondering btw, and is now working on closed chain activities but I just wish walking felt better. I do know others on here also deal with this tight band stiffness that affects walking. I just have to rant, scream, cry or type sometimes.

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@Mbhope you rant away. We’ve all done it at some point. We all feel your frustration as most of us have been there. That’s why I like this site.

Sorry to hear you had another hospital stay.
Glad you’re getting the input of physio etc. Hopefully they’ll help get you sorted.

Best of luck.

Ann xx

@Loshy thats very kind thank you. 2023 is definitely going to be a better year…for us all i hope :heart::heart: xxx

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Hi sorry to hear about your challenge s I feel like you. This forum is a god send for expressions and compassion in responses. I am told things get better but as yet struggle with the reality of that happening despite diligent physical exercise and walking.

Hope is all I have and assurance from those who have done this before it does get better, I do hope so.


Everyone, Thank you! Yes, carry on ranting, the movie. Literally brick walls everywhere. Today is one of the worst physically…but it is cold and rainy so who knows :thinking:.

You rant away! It helps to get things off your chest. I wasn’t a fan of swearing at one time, but these days find only the ‘F’ word will do on an increasingly regular basis (when I’m on my own) when frustration kicks in.

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I think the weather is to blame for a lot of muscle problems. I was abroad at Christmas and my walking improved almost immediately. Returning after Christmas, the leg stiffness returned almost immediately. What is annoying is when you feel you’ve made progress, then sit down for 15 minutes and find everything has stiffened up again when you stand up! Roll on warmer weather!

That sounds amazing that you could travel a bit. I sat on a friend’s couch last night to watch the (Eagles) game and got so stiff that I wound up crying in pain then leaving to go home to rest. Almost nine months now so if warmer weather is helpful, that’s something to look forward to.