Racing Away

It’s 5.5 years since I had a stroke. Racing Away hardly fits the speed I am going towards recovery but fits the way that Racing has helped me. Horse racing has influenced me in many ways.
Memory loss, speech and mobility issues have been major problems that I have faced. All of which have in some ways improved, and continued to do so throughout the 5.5 years.
My previous knowledge of Horse racing disappeared from the moment of my stroke. All 3 of the issues have been helped by my interest.
Memory loss for the 1st year was awful, with me forgetting which horse I thought would win a race before the race had started! Now I can recall a race for a while afterwards. It continues to improve.
Speech was the worse. It really frustrated me. It was the main aspect of my work. I never went back. Still going racing has made me speak to people.
Mobility seemed impossible but has over the years improved except for the days when I feel I am back to the beginning again.
Horse racing has been my saviour in that I have used it to help me recover - and recovery is a journey that goes on and on. I hope you find something that inspires you as racing has me.


If it is working (and it sounds it is) then keep going.

Even better if it is something you did
and enjoyed before then that’s a bonus.
It is also an inspiration to others.

Well done to you Mister

Best wishes.

Paul O



Great to hear that you are progressing.
I think a good many of us recognise the time scales are what you initially imagine but the months replaced by years.
Does that make a recognising milestones along the achievement path more uplifting?

Any focused interest - which discussions on here the other day was fitting the description in the round of mindfulness is of assistance after an ABI

I think we can go the other way too; that denial anger apathy inactivity disinterest are all detractors from the healing processes of body mind and spirit.

Onwards and upwards :slight_smile:

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Hi. Welcome.

Glad you’ve found an interest which helps your recovery. I think anything which gives you a reason to keep going is a Godsend whatever that may be.

Keep going. You’re doing really well.



Hi Steve, thank you for sharing your story. It sounds like you’ve found something that not only interests you but has helped your recovery too. Your post will offer inspiration to others too and as you say there’s always hope for improvement.

Best wishes


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