Quirky quote

Hi, just wanted to share a quote I heard this week - the context was training to understand children with complex behavioural needs.  "Trying to understand someone else's behaviour is like trying to smell the colour 9".  I felt that this quirky quote could maybe apply to the frustration felt by SSs, and may well be a good description of the daily struggle to cope with 'stuff'.  (Could work in both directions of course...) My husband has often talked about living in a parallel world and he still finds certain situations difficult and scary.  

I could be way off here of course, so apologies if I have really missed the point, it shows just how very complex stroke is.  

Best wishes everyone, have a good evening x

I think it really sums up well how different stroke and its effects are for everyone. Thank you for sharing, Nic!

Hi nicABella, I was just reading an old post of yours. And yes some of us are actually living in a parallel world! By this I'll try to explain. if any of you have seen any of the Matrix films it is very similar to being in a place that seems unreal. Are you actually there? Is it in a dream? That's one of the symptoms I'm going through at the moment!