Quick update after MRI scan yesterday

I had a full head brain scan yesterday and, unfortunately, my joy of being told I wasn't having a stroke after being admitted to A & E on Sunday night was shortlived.

 Stroke consultant has just rung to say I have had a mini-stroke and scan revealed 2 new small blood clots which have appeared since my last head scan in 2019 as well as a tiny bleed.

 He says they are "nothing to worry about" - they really have no idea do they? It just feels like a ticking time in my head and there is nothing I can do about it.  How can they get things so badly wrong in A & E?  The worst news is I have to go back on Clopidogrel otherwise I will continue to have mini-strokes.  Ah well, life goes on!  Main thing is I don't have any after affects at all. I had a bit of numbness around my mouth yesterday and a tingly hand but it soon went away and hasn't raised its ugly head since.   Oh  I forgot - I can't drive for 28 days - what a bummer!

Just to add - what a sight I must have looked in the scan room. Mask on, ear plugs in, headphones on, scan headgear on and eye pads on so I couldn't see what was happening!  On my previous scans, I've recited times tables but I couldn't remember how far I'd got so I sang Summer Holiday by Cliff in my head till they had done. Good old Cliff!


Dear Brenda


I am so very sorry about your mini stroke. It must be so difficult for you to be given such bad news. However, please, please, don't stress, I know it is easy to say, but, stress would raise your blood pressure and probably make you feel worse.

I know the tablet you must take again may be bad, I don't know about the side effects, but at least it will prevent another mini stroke.

Please, stay well and safe, thinking about you. 



Brenda, you have now joined my club. My second bout in May was also a mini stroke and for the same reason. The only good news I got was that the bleed that caused my first big stroke had healed completely. That meant I could go on Clopidogrol.

It does knock your confidence and add to your worries, but, hey, we are both still here. I continue to be as optimistic as I can be and to do as much as I can. While we have life, we must live it. Tomorrow, as Miss Scarlett O'Hara once said,is another day.

Hi Brenda, 


Sorry to hear your news.

But I believe that once you have get to grips with the new situation you will move forward with determination and positivity. 

Take time to accept the event then as you say "onwards and upwards"

Go for it young lady stay safe 


Kay x 


So sorry to read your latest post. It must be a great worry to you but now you are on the correct medication to prevent any further problems. I take Clopidogrel since my stroke and my husband has taken it for many years following a heart attack. We both take it without incident, although my husband does get some bruising when he knocks himself. It's not nice to have to take so much medication but unfortunately, following these major health issues, it's a necessity.

With all good wishes and prayers,

Anne xxxx

Dear Brenda

Keep on keeping on. You have come so far.

Well done for coping with the scan.


best wishes


Thanks Anne. At least my previous experience of Clopidogrel has given me an insight into what to expect so hopefully this time it may suit me a bit better.x

Thanks Kay.  I refuse to let this thing beat me.  You've made my night calling me a 'young' lady!  I felt really old yesterday. You know you're getting old when you can see your Mum looking back at you through the mirror LOL! x

I am honoured to be in your club!  A couple of things I have noticed though is my hearing has dipped slightly. Not a lot but enough for me to notice so I hope that clears up as I'm already deaf as it is!  And the other is I'm back to forgetting things. I poured 3 glasses of water yesterday and couldn't even remember doing it.  I agree we must make the most of every moment and nobody said it better than Vivien Leigh. x

Thanks Tinkerbell. Better to be safe than sorry.  I hope you take your break in Portugal - you deserve one. x

Thanks Colin.  The 45min wait for my 5.45pm  appointment didn't help either.  At least this time, hubby could sit in the main reception area and have a coffee while he waited.  He had to take me as I can't drive for 28 days.  I hate the MRI scanner. It reminds me of a film I saw once about cryonics!  x

I think we all notice the slightest backward step. My hand has regressed slightly and also my walking a little bit, but not as bad as I expected. I had two nights in hospital, but had follow up from the community stroke team. Now feel ai'm back on track. I'm sure you will be too. Channel your Vivien Leigh.

Allowing husband to wait inside, that's an easing. My medical visits have excluded anyone else stepping over the threshold. Dentist, optician, GP and two hospitals. 

last scanners that i have been in were noisy.One was old   And one was prehistoric.

since then, Colchester hospital has had two new scanners installed. I dont wish to try them out, but i believe they are quiet and you dont get enclosed. Either way, i wont be looking. I am hard of sight so my glasses are off when i enter. 

I can tolerate them, I do grasp what you go through. This time you got through it, perhaps next time will be less awful. Or better still, there wont be a next time.

best wishes



? so sorry Brenda, as you say it's a "bummer" ?.  I don't quite know how I manage to resist the urge to throttle professionals who say "nothing to worry about".  You're human, of course you feel worried, you've already experienced a life changing event - they just don't seem to realise the impact these things have in real life.  

I hope you don't have any troubles with Clopidogrel, and that it will keep everything under control.  It's a bit weird when you have to have either new or different combinations of meds, but keeping everything crossed for you that it doesn't give you any hassle this time.  

Well, they can't keep a good girl down, so I'm sure it won't be too long before you'll be back at the gym ?‍♀️?️‍♀️?‍♀️ and living up to your name!!  

Thank you for all the encouragement you give to others, and now it's time for us all to cheer you  on!!  Take good care, love Nic x


Thanks Nic. I've just been talking to the gym to explain things - they are lovely and we are one big family - it would seem that although that part of Yorkshire is going into Tier 3 soon, the gyms are still allowed to open. I'm so glad because they have been so fastidious (not sure if that;s the right spelling wink and we are all kept so safe, it will be so unfair if they have to close again.  I know I can't go just yet but I will be back once I get clearance from the Stroke Consultant. 

I'm keeping an open mind about going back on Clopi. I have also re-started Rosuvastatin and so far so good.  I think in the early days of my first stroke, I was so unwell with the symptoms of the stroke, I felt rubbish anyway so no way of knowing which caused what side effects really but this time, it will be easier as I know everything I take now is OK and we get along.  I am still waiting for the Clopi to arrive at Boots from my GP despire the Consultant saying I should start it 3 days ago.  All they are bothered about is Covid - everything else just gets put on the back boiler!