Hi everyone

I am new to this group so I apologise if I am writing this in the wrong section.

I have had 3 strokes between January and April which has affected my periphal vision only and known again my speech.

What is everyones experience with headaches?

I am having headaches on a daily basis!


sorry to hear about your stroke, my peripheral was also effected and had a few eye appointments, it’s also one of the reasons I can’t currently drive. Headaches is a daily thing for me to, been tried on many different medications to help but nothing does at the moment. Hoping this does disappear or ease, unfortunately I have no advice on how to help with the head as Iv tried many different things myself as well as the meds, so if you do find anything to help them I would love to hear about it. Hope all is ok other than ten issues 

Dear Julie

sorry to learn of those strokes, but welcome to the forum.

I have suffered migraines throughout my life, up to the stage a stroke bit me. Headaches and migraines then stopped. So every cloud does have a silver lining.

I guess it's due to the after stroke medication, which thins my blood.

best wishes



Hi Julie welcome to the site ..pippy