Question about Bioness L300 go

Hi everyone, I haven’t posted before but here goes. I’ve got dropfoot from a stroke three years ago and daily exercises haven’t had a big effect. I’ve bought a Bioness L300 Go as I was getting nowhere trying to get one from the NHS.

I’m finding the electrical charge that lifts my foot quite uncomfortable - just about within my tolerance at setting 5. Will I get used to this or will it always feel very uncomfortable?

I had an FES machine for drop foot for a few years. You will get used to the electrical charge. I found the machine helpful but I had an allergic reaction to the pads which irritated my skin. It will help correct your drop foot and your drop foot may go in time. After three years of electrical charges my drop foot corrected itself. Unfortunately I had a second small stroke the next year and my drop foot returned. I now wear an ankle brace. I was lucky because my FES machine was funded by our local NHS trust. Not all authorities do this. We also have a rehab centre in Birmingham. Oh….and welcome to our forum.

Hello to you and to everyone on the site.

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Thanks John Jeff - very helpful.

@Songbird welcome to the forum. I was receny assessed for FES which was found to be unsuitable for me. To get it to do anything it had to be on the highest setting & it still didnt help as it was meant to. I found the electrical charge (on the highest setting) to be very uncomfortable. I’m sure you’ll get used to it in time as it is a strange feeling anyway. Hopefully as time goes on and things improve you may be able to reduce the setting too.
Wishing you the best of luck with it xx

Hi, welcome to this forum. I have been using an FES machine for 5 years and luckily it works well for me. I would say that I got used to the feeling quute quickly and have not a a reaction to the pads. Unfortunately using the FES has not improved my foot drop and on odd days when I haven’t been able to use it, I wear an AFO. Luckily my FES machine is funded by my GP.

Good luck with whatever you decide.
Regards Sue

Sorry, Artifical Foot Orthotic, basically a leg brace, which was made to measure at the National Hospital at Queens Square where I attend the FES Clinic.

It stands for ‘Ankle Foot Orthosis’

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Welcome Songbird, i have not used a Bioness l. But i have had numerous splints to help with foot drop. I now use a FES machine and something called a footlifter which is brilliant. I also used to have Botox injections in the botton of my leg to help with footdrop and my toe clawing. I had to stop the Botox injections because i had been having it for so long it had stopped working. You will get used to the electric charge eventually. All the best. Chris