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Hi, I’m new to this forum. My mum was recently admitted to hospital (29 Dec) further to a stroke. She’s coherent and her memory is fine, however, has lost feeling in her right arm and isn’t able to bear weight. Currently she seems to be having intermittent physio but the hospital have spoken about moving her to a rehabilitation centre next week. She’s 82 years old. Does anyone have any idea about how long she might be in the rehabilitation centre from their own experiences? Whilst the hospital care is fine, we’re really struggling to get any information from them. Thanks


Hi @Emma2 & welcome to the forum. Sorry to hear of your mums stroke. Hopefully transferring your mum to a rehab centre will mean she gets the level of physio she needs to get back weight bearing etc. It is difficult to say how long she’ll be there. It is different for everyone. I guess a lot will depend on how her physio goes & her own determination etc. You could also the physios if there is anything you can do with her to help her progress.

Best wishes to you both.

Ann x

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Welcome to the forum @Emma2. How long your mum is in rehab for can be anything from a week to several or more. Her physio rehab also depends on what her physical fitness condition was like pre stroke. Things like arthritis in the legs/hips/spin can naturally hinder progress for example. But stroke recovery in general is measured in months and years anyway and progress is always going to be far slower than we wish for. In the case of strokes, slow and a steady wins the race, we are the Tortoise :roll_eyes:

It all depends on the extent of the damage to the brain and what’s recoverable. And there’s no real way of knowing that except through time and progress with a lot of hard work.

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Time in rehab depends on how she responds to physio and her general well being. Her personal needs will be assessed and her ability to return home. It is usual to take someone on a home visit to see what adjustments in order for the survivor to cope. She might also get more support at home from the Community Stroke Team.

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Hi all, many thanks for your responses. I think I guessed as much but it’s good to have this confirmed. That’s helpful regarding how we can help her progress and to understand that we’re not looking at days / weeks.

Many thanks
Emma x