Hello Group,
I hope everyone is making progress, and finding peace.
I’m trying to address stiffness and hyper-tone in the affected side of my body in particular. The good side also needs care and attention, since it is under more strain than usual. Some people warn about a process of imitation. where the good side will start to mimic the stroked side.

The most helpful discipline to address this difficult problem is Qigong. I have been doing it for 6 months, and cannot find a single bad thought connected with it. In particular I feel it addresses stress, the number one enemy of relaxation and good body tone. In particular, it’s clear that calming and positive thoughts are the key to a healthy muscle tone.

A question for @Matthew1798 how do you rate Jeff Chand https://youtu.be/CCicH-iz1oU ? I think we can safely agree that Mingtong Gu is a fine master to follow https://youtu.be/U-0lgztDIXE

If anyone has other techniques and disciplines that will combat hyper muscle tone (or more Qigong concepts) could you please share your thoughts? I have an urge to learn more about this important topic, and how to alleviate hyper-tone.

Thanks for reading, and good luck, ciao, Roland


I do Qigong for visual and movement control, and have enjoyed making it part of my rehabilitation regime. In high school, I studied dance for three years, and post stroke have come to realise how stiff and robotic we become as we journey through life. Post stroke, I am breaking that habit, and have even now incorporated gentle weight training of an evening. I have been surprised at how beneficial it has been for my vestibular system. Muscle atrophy can occur even in the smallest of muscles which seems to weaken our capabilities even with the most arbitrary of tasks.


Interesting, Rupert

Yes we live in a stiff and robotic way, metaphorically, but…
has it helped specifically with muscle tone or stiffness?
Interesting to hear it has helped muscular atrophy

ciao, ciao, Roland


@pando as far as your 1st paragraph is concerned Roland: My favorite therapist watched me doing a slow two- hand pulldown from the lat machine. She said Bilateral movement was important but in addition one should do strength moves unilaterally so…she put a small handle on the machine and had me do sets and reps with just one affected arm. Take the two arm curl for instance, this should be followed by single arm curls with one dumbbell. This gives you the chance, while moving slowly to really focus on that affected side. When we went to the leg extension machine: two legs at first, then one affected leg.
We know how important Meditation is to recovery and even better is Qigong in that it is “Moving Meditation”. Add to that: music and you have an ideal exercise. Also it should be done with focus and attention: every move.
After watching and following Qigong on my monitor I just couldn’t remember the steps, so after a while I could make up my own moves to music. I can’t say it is helping my spasticity, but I know it is helping with stress, blood pressure, and learning to focus.
As far as atrophy; I think only some kind of resistance can help certain muscles. Qigong involves weight-bearing on the legs and that is an area that can help bring back strength and healthy tone.
In My Humble Opinion.
There are so so many activities and ways to fix this thing we have it can be a multi-task nightmare at times. I am still trying to get a regime that is basic and hits all the bases.
Best of luck everyone on your journey.


Heart Sound Healing (there are 5 organs total in sound healing qigong: heart, kidney, digestive, liver and lungs):

Bits of Wisdom: Sound Healing - Heart - YouTube

Bits of Wisdom - How to Address All Causes of All Dis- eases - YouTube

Jeff Chand is fantastic, too, but Master Gu is better for deep, transformative healing as his programme is very intense and includes movements, sounds and meditations. It’s Zhineng Qigong founded by Dr. Ming Pang in China. It’s more all-encompassing, called “Wisdom Healing Qigong.”

Create an everyday routine that is simple that includes a few different exercises. Consistency is key. Do it at least 4-5 times a week. Don’t overdo it; don’t worry about being perfect in your sounds and in your movements. The important thing is how well you are connecting to the energy field in the moment. Haola!


Thank you for such wonderful tips, Matthew

It’s been a difficult day for me, with roller coaster emotions and low morale,
But I’m better now, and ready to fight on.

Speak soon, ciao, Roland


Thank you Derek,

It’s interesting to see into your rehabilitation routine.
Indeed, there are many aspects to take care of…

Most importantly we must have faith in our own recovery.
If we doubt any part of it, we will surely fail.

Ciao, ciao, work well, Roland


Mingtong Gu always says that it doesn’t matter how bad things are, or get; the energy of the universe is always with us. We can always connect to it.

Roland, we are not defined by our emotions and mental states. We may be terribly sad, in shock, depressed, etc. - but we are not those things. We are pure energy, pure love.

I hope tomorrow the sun shines for you a little.

Good night.


I know you can fight Roland.

I have faith in you as I hope you do in me. That is what we are all here for - mutual support and all of you are amazing and I feel so lucky to have you now in my life.

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You make me want to do more to help my own recovery and that is invaluable.

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Love you all

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@KGB: I am sending you energetic love when I do qigong. May you heal deeply.


@pando I’ve been looking for an exercise group to help with my recovery and last week I attended a taster session in Tai Chi. I found the movements challenging especially balancing and I do presently move with the grace of a broken robot, but nevertheless I enjoyed it. I must have looked strange to the others because I couldn’t help smiling to myself at my attempts to copy the instructor. I spoke to her after the session and she assured me that they can and do work around physical limitations. She told me that Tai Chi would help me a lot. So I decided to give it a go and I’ve put my name on the waiting list. I’ll be joining a class when there’s a place available and I’m looking forward to it.


Mingtong Gu always says that it doesn’t matter how bad things are, or get; the energy of the universe is always with us. We can always connect to it.

Yes love this too, this makes me feel better about how I feel and the emotions I carry with me, maybe I can give it to the universe to deal with or just let it go. Hope you all have a good day x


Is it the sort of thing that can be done as a group, maybe via a zoom session, once a week maybe?

Forgive my ignorance.

Keep on keepin’ on
:writing_hand: :smiley: :+1:


Yes, Bobbi,
I think Tai Chi and Qigong are not a million miles apart,
I think there are a whole bunch of things that could be done as a group,
I do Isometric exercises every day, too.
ciao, Roland


Hi all I gave Qigong a go this morning used the link above healing heart, this is the first time I have done anything like this before but open to trying new things in the hope they might help me in my recovery, I found it, surprisingly emotional, not sure if that’s supposed to happen but actually really enjoyed it think I will give it another go tomorrow, I’m definitely no expert not got a clue to be honest! but interested in anything that might help me in this relentless stroke journey x


I can see how might happen, Elle

I find anything different that I can experience a benefit… as long as I survive it.
Glad it has led you down a “new path”

Good luck, ciao, Roland


Thank you I will try it again tomorrow and see what happens, I think it’s about trying new things and hopefully getting some benefits what ever they maybe mood or physical but, yes glad I did it thanks for sharing. Best wishes


Whatever we do: many repetitions is the key and going slow. The brain needs to say: “this is being done over and over again…perhaps I need to pay attention and help this body to get better at it.”
@pando Roland, isometrics are great and they save the joints.
I wish I had a warm swimming pool nearby, they say it is one of the best places to exercise for the entire body, especially stroke survivors.