Qigong Routine

Here’s the Qigong routine I treated myself to before teaching today
This is high level Qigong.

8 pieces of Silk Brocade
(Qigong Exercise : Judy K. Young)

Deep Breathing
Warmup : Swinging Arms

  1. Upholding the sky with 2 hands
  2. Pulling the bow
  3. Crane spreading wings
  4. Looking Backwards
  5. Left and Right swing
  6. Up and down stretch
  7. Diagonal knock
  8. Toe and heel bounce.

Enjoy, ciao, Roland


@Matthew1798 How do you rate Qigong Master Judy Young ?

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She is excellent!

I’ve done the 8 pieces of Silk Brocade for a few years. It is amazing!

Make sure you’re inhaling and exhaling when appropriate. I’m so happy you’re doing this – wow!

I’ve been trying to find some good leg exercises for you. I don’t want you to do something where you could easily fall. But really, Roland, what you posted above is EXCELLENT. I don’t know why I never posted that video for you. I’ve been following it for a few years. Sorry.

By the way, some of the exercises are way easier than they look – trust me! I actually got out of breath doing a few a while back.

Take good care.


I agree Matthew,

I’ve also followed her clips for quite some time. Pity she has only 3 on her channel, but if you come across anything at this level, please give me a shout ! I particularly like no talking, and she says she often makes a “hiss” sound on exhalation during demonstrations to show when breathing out to students.

I hope this inspires people here to start Qigong ; it really is a great discipline for stroke survivors.

Ciao, Roland

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True, but today I stood still for 2 minutes with feet together and eyes closed, no support. I think this deserves a Level-1 award in terms of balance, and I am looking to exercise and stimulate more proprioceptors to encourage them to come online.

thx, Roland


That’s good! Remember to go slowly. Don’t think about goals – just move forward and feel everything in the moment.

Hao-la! All is well, getting better.


Qigong practice focuses on mastering the art of breathing.
How we breathe has a vital effect on our well-being physically, mentally, and spiritually. As you gain more control of your breathing, you gain more mastery of the rest of your body.

Your heart beats slower and more effectively; Muscles relax.
Levels of nitric oxide increase, which relaxes blood vessel muscles and lowers blood pressure

Deep breathing is a signal to your body that the danger is over.
The fight-or-flight hormone production stops and your body returns to a neutral, peaceful state. Your mind becomes clear and you regain perspective.

This peace spills over into every part of your life.
Judy K Young

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I love that! :heart: :100:

Take good care.

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That is soooo peaceful …… saved it via YouTube to watch more times …. Wish I could manage all of it, but I can’t stand too long because of spinal probs, and had to smile at you standing with feet together … I can’t get my feet together because my right hip down to toe isn’t inline, which could be due to arthritis in hip and knee and so I would fall over :joy: …. but I should be ok to at least try something :+1: