Aiaubc my stroke two months ago u have difficulty rtommmmmmmmmmmmmmusibf my mobile phone u cannot count out xoeeqxr no of items for dinner hope someone can help Pa Drm. The title should read writing not qeitinf.gi would like advice on how to get back to using aakwyvoard accurately again strijej

E has left me unable to count out anything accurately need help with medication not tgibfstallarenrwguksribhidtral in hospital for two months no problems obviously seen there.xabwalk and talk ok psm

Pam,    Pam,      Pam,   Concentrate.....we need more information if you need help.


Finding this hard to use

I am trying it just cerytgardoan

Yes, it is not an easy forum to handle. It is a shame, it replaced arguably the best stroke forum in the world.

Keep trying.