Q10 Supplement

I wondered if anyone had tried Q10 to help with fatigue.

I am taking 500mg each day and feel like its helping  

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I tried Co-enzyme Q10 but found it caused bleeding since I was taking Warfarin. 

I had better results in terms of Fatigue taking a B Vitamin complex with Iron.

Eight and a half years after my stroke, I have almost no Fatigue now but put that down to regular exercise - a half-marathon this year - and trying to live a normal life (I work full time). My mother also had a stroke in her 60’s and ‘gave in’ to the Fatigue - usually sleeping for 16 to 18 hours a day. I’ve been determined to avoid that and consider myself lucky that I’ve been able to.

Good luck but be careful if you’re on blood thinners,


Hi Neil. I'm very careful with over the counter medicines because there are so many things I can't use due to me being on blood thinners.  If you take warfarin,aspirin or clopidogrel, please read the small print on everything bought from the supermarket. Even simple things like Gaviscon, Nurofen, ginger supplements, Voltarol gel, Benylyn etc can cause blood clots if on thinners or make you feel proper poorly if you are on BP tablets.  Boots and other chemists will always ask what medication you are on before they sell these things to you but if you just pick them up at the supermarket, the onus is on you I'm afraid to read the print.  


I'm not sure about Q10? I have just started vitamin B and omega 3 supplements though. They might help?