Putting myself through it

Mad as I am about my car, the usual Sunday checks and screen wash top up seemed daunting today in my new coat and the rain
But as stubborn and doggedly persistent as I am I threw myself out of a warm house armed with McKay and stick collecting the screen wash mix from the garage an opening the car to access the filling up point under bonnet, topped it up and returned the residual screen wash to the garage and locking it up.

Am I mad or just determined to keep my old routine alive you tell me. Sat here now on the warm I think I could have got my wife to do it or left it for better weather or even next week.

Have a great weekend one and all.

The mad man car fanatic.


Mad? Maybe a little but mad is fun right? At least your new coat got an outing & the car is happy its been looked after too :grin:

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Yes Mrs5k I have a tendency to do what’s right even when it costs me dearly

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