My husband had a really severe stroke in April 2016 when he was just 51, amongst other effects, he has lost virtually all ability to speak, which we have been told by speech therapy is a lost cause now.... looking to see if anyone on here is up in Scotland and can recommend private therapist and any mental health professionals as his anger towards the world/everything is increasing every day and there is only so much I can do to help the situation.

I am far down south in rural essex.

Recovery is best in the first two years but it is never too late.

I dont think the medical people know much about aphasia. They do their best, but we are the cinderella disability. I would hope that someone will work out whether its the speech muscles that are failing or whether its aphasia. All counselling, therapy and so on is worth trying. Ask the GP staff, try your local stroke group and think about the local church, often a mine of contacts and help.

At the end of this horrible lengthy recovery, it is hubbies brain messaging that is broken. Given a chance his amazing brain can sort itself out and overcome these difficulties.

Brilliant that you are considering private healthcare. I am willing, and able, to pay but in fact all my professional help has been no cost to me. Every area is different.I am outside the stroke association zone, yet another charity has filled the void. Finding these groups is not simple, but its probably there.

Stick with it. Its never too late.


Would the stroke association have information about your local area and the services on offer??  It's a shame if you have to look for help on a private basis, this really should be freely available, my husband was offered counselling which would have been provided through the NHS, but I'm not familiar with NHS Scotland, I'm aware there are differences.  I wish you good luck and hope you find something very soon. 

Hi, I will try the GP again, as their solution before was just to stick him on anti-depressants which made no difference at all.  Unfortunately where we are is quite rural and the nearest stroke support centre is quite a distance away from us. I won’t give up though!!!

I will try the GP again as their first reaction was to prescribe medications which didn’t have any effect for him.  He is spiralling down which is very hard to see as his wife :-( 

Sounds as though he really needs counselling asap. I really hope you can access this on NHS.  Emotions are really haywire after a stroke, I saw my husband turn from a positive, cheerful person, into someone who threatened to take his life - he totally freaked us (both) out.    Just recently there was an article on the BBC website about a man who had suffered a stroke, which left him unable to speak.  Suddenly, after 4 years, his speech returned, so never give up hope.  The story will be somewhere on their website and you may still be able to access it - I think it was about 2 -3 weeks ago.

I saw this story and did share it with him, not sure if it helped or not but I thought worth a try eh.... thanks for the helpful thoughts and support.... xxx

You never know ... sometimes I found it helpful for myself to have some positive stories, even if hubby wasn't impressed!!  So you need to be able to keep your spirits up too, I have to confess it was the most difficult year of my life watching my husband suffer the stroke and all the trauma that came with it - I found the people on this site were my saviours during some dark and desperate moments, so I hope you too will find solace and support.  Stay strong, you don't need words to have a hug, just be there for each other xx

Its the GP staff that gave me info of local help, no need for me to see the GP.

Depression is such a pain as it delays our concentration on recovery. It can be amazing just how effective a smile can be (rom hubby, not your goodself!). The smile can be forced, false or fake. I never cease to be amazed at the effect.

Also a head massage helps. I do my own, less effective but still good. I have avoided depression mainly because I know the signs. Stroke just hit me with wave after wave od depressive vibes. But its not going to get me. Had clinical depression decades ago and I am not repeating that .

Bes wishes ALana and do say hello to Hubby