Psychological flexibility and distress study - complete a survey

Is there a significant relationship between psychological flexibility, executive functioning and psychological distress in a population with acquired neurological conditions?

  • Nicola Wilson (Trainee Clinical Psychologist), Teesside University

Neurological conditions affect one in six people. They are caused by damage to the brain and nervous system, resulting in physical, emotional and cognitive changes. Individuals with neurological conditions report the lowest health-related quality of life, and forty per cent report their mental health needs are not being met.

Therapeutic interventions that aim to increase an individual’s psychological flexibility are particularly relevant for those with life-altering conditions as they encourage individuals to live in line with their values whilst being open to changed circumstances and the unpredictability of their condition.

Participating in psychological therapy can require a certain level of thinking skills. Executive functions are a set of thinking skills involved in everyday planning, organising and carrying out tasks and are commonly impaired in neurological conditions. Not having these skills may impact an individual’s ability to be psychologically flexible. Being psychologically flexible involves making use of your executive functions to respond to needs as they arise rather than relying on automatic responses or impulsive decisions. It is hoped that understanding more about this link could improve future therapeutic interventions.

This study aims to establish if there is a significant relationship between psychological flexibility, executive functioning, and psychological wellbeing in acquired neurological conditions.

Who can take part in this research?

  • Live in the UK
  • Participants should be 18 years +
  • Have a level of English that allows them to access the online questionnaires

How do you take part in this research?

You will complete 4 questionnaires, which take around 15 minutes in total. The final questionnaire will need to be emailed to participants for copyright reasons.

Complete the survey here: Executive Functioning and Psychological flexibility

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