PSTD and Stroke

Hello all
I’m new to the team.
I’ve had 2 x strokes, one in April 2022 and one on August Bank Holiday.
I’m suffering with aphasia . I am hoping to go back to work next month.
Yesterday I had a serious blip :sob: i was uncontrollably crying.
My OT Support worker suggested I could be suffering from PTSD. I’m loathe the be labelled as other thing but i wondered if anyone had experience of the same. Thanks


Hi @SoozJD and welcome to the forum :smile: It could be PTSD, I think we all succumb to that post stroke, I know I did!
Or it could just be a combination of things that are affecting you at the moment enough to overwhelm the emotions.

You have dodged a bullet so to speak, and recovered sufficiently enough from your stroke to return to work. Plus the thought of returning to work after such a lengthy break and all that entails in reorganising your life yet again, is enough to heighten the emotions. And yesterday it all just hit you like a tsunami!

Your brain is just feeling a little overwhelmed at the moment and really needed that release. Don’t ever be afraid to give in to that release, it’s good for the brain…not a bad thing and it’s not a serious blip. It’s just your brain needing to do what it needs you to do…like a pressure release valve…just go with it.


Hi and welcome to this forum. I was diagnosed with PTSD in 2020, 3 years after my stroke. At the time I was feeling very low and thought I could be depressed. I was also finding that I became very distressed if we were out in the car and an ambulance came past with the blue lights and sirens on. I felt really anxious and as though I was going to throw up. I was rushed to A&E at the time of my stroke although I don’t actually remember it but my GP thought I was suffering from PTSD.
I don’t suffer so much now but sometimes it just hits me out of the blue.
Regards Sue


@SoozJD hi & welcome to the forum. PTSD could be the issue but equally it could just be you’re feeling a bit anxiots about returning to work. I kniw when i returned I was really emotional about it…not sure how i’d get on, could I cope, how my colleagues would be eyc. It’s a big step forward for you. a change of routine might be pkeying on your mind too. I worried about how I was going to get things done, just getting up in time etc.

Good luck with your return to work; if you’re ready to try it.

Best wishes



Firstly hope your ok, this Stroke thing affects us all differently. Your not on your own. My stroke was February this year and can relate to your ptsd can hit whenever it wants. It does believe me gets better in time. Since i went back to work the mental health has improved. Hang on in there.