Provide your views on the Systems Engagement Team Strategy

Role: Systems Engagement Strategy Representative

Project introduction

The Stroke Association has been going through a period of change. As a result, some of our teams have been brought together into new groups. We also have some new teams.

A big part of our focus is on how we lead, work with, and influence other people and organisations. These might be stroke research funders, the NHS in different parts of the UK, government, or other charities.

Our work in this area is being carried out and developed by a new group called Systems Engagement. There are three teams in Systems Engagement – Research, Policy and Influencing, and Systems Partnerships.

The Systems Engagement group is developing a strategy that includes these streams of work:

Each work stream has a group of staff from different parts of the Stroke Association to take it forward. We’re developing our vision in these areas, considering questions such as:

  • What do we want to achieve? Why?

  • What do we need to start - or stop - doing in order to achieve it?

  • What do we know already, or need to know?

  • Who do we need to engage or consult with?

  • How can we prioritise what we want to do?

Role Summary

We’d like to consult with people affected by stroke, at two key points during January-March 2022.

For this work, we are recruiting:

  • Two people affected by stroke for each work stream.

  • Two of these representatives to also consult across all of the work steams. This is so we can bring the work together to form one aligned strategy.

Why get involved?

You‘ll be able to provide your thoughts on our vision and direction as we develop it.

Your insight and experiences will help to ensure that the work we do is relevant and acceptable to those affected by stroke.

You‘ll help to make sure that we consider how to build involvement into these work streams going forward.

Who are we looking for?

  • You must have lived experience of stroke as a stroke survivor or carer

  • You must have time to devote to this between January-March 2022

  • You may be asked to join meetings virtually (with support if needed). If this is not possible please discuss other options with the Lead of the work stream.


  • Work streams may involve you in different ways. You may be invited to a workshop, or asked how you’d like to work with us – for example, would you prefer a workshop, or one-to-one conversations?

  • There will be two initial discussions held between January-March 2022 where you will be asked for your views on a range of issues. You may need approximately 1 hour of preparation time before each discussion. There may be further opportunities for involvement beyond that.

You may be asked for your views on a range of issues, for example:

  • What should we prioritise?

  • What’s missing?

  • Who could we work with?

  • How can we involve people with the work?

  • How can we talk about the Systems Engagement strategy as a whole?

How we will support you:

  • We can schedule breaks into meetings as requested
  • We can discuss the most accessible way for you to feedback your ideas e.g. written, verbal
  • We can offer pre-meetings where required
  • You will have a point of contact within your work stream

Interested in applying?

If you are interested please let Angela Hackett (Operations Assistant) know by mid-day on 16th December 2021. In your email

In your email please tell us:

  1. Which stream(s) you’re interested in supporting

  2. Whether you’re interested in supporting across all the streams

  3. Your personal experience in this area and why you are interested (no longer than one paragraph).

  4. Use the the subject line “Strategy Planning” to help identify your e-mail.

If selected, the Lead for the relevant stream(s) (or someone on their behalf) will be in contact with you to explain more. They’ll also let you know more about when/how your involvement will be required.