Well he did it!!!!

Just under a year ago Dad had a major stroke his second in the same year as you will be aware if you have read my previous posts.

after months of rehab and attending a stroke gym I am proud to say on the 12th of this month he made the greatest achievement of all and managed to walk me unaided down the isle at mine and Chris's wedding.

to say I am proud would be no understatement. This goes to show what courage, determination and stubbornness can achieve.



Aw Congratulations! You both look amazing and well done to your Dad - fantastic x

So pleased for you all - it's a very special Dad/daughter moment.  Your Dad looks very dapper, I'm sure he must have been so proud walking his beautiful daughter down the aisle ? gorgeous dress ?

Keep up the good work xxxx


CONGRATULATIONS!!!  Wow!  To Chris and you, as well as your lovely Dad.  Wish I still had mine, so relish him for as long as you can.  What an amazing guy!  Beautiful bride too.  Love Carole xx

Karen, that news is so special. Congratulations to you and Chris on your wedding. Special congratulations to your Dad for his perseverance. What a brilliant outcome. V&J 

Thank you it made the wedding perfect xx

Thank you x

Thank you. X

Thank you x

Congratulations to you and Chris on your wedding day.

Dad looks great, his hard work at rehab really paid off. Well done you give us all hope. 
You both look fabulous. Gorgeous dress Karen.

Brilliant. You must have been thrilled and so proud.

I was John it made my day!!! He even managed a few words for a speech. Xx

Thank you hopefully give people hope xx

Hi congratulations all round to all of you. I have just been able to walk my daughter down the isle (25th October) using my father's walking stick, only a few weeks after my second stroke. It's a very special moment for any father, and I'm pleased we both could do it. Congratulations again, Bob

Congratulations to you also Bob, I know it made my day xxx

What an excellent story.

Congrats to all!

Brilliant, my congrats to him.

A close friend had an almost identical situation ten years ago. Her father was equally determined but was faced with the problem that he could walk backwards with ease but forwards with difficulty. He was determined to walk her up the aisle and planned to do it backwards if he didn't improve. However, his persistance paid off and he was able to do it in a conventional way!



Very proud daughter x

How is Dad now? in the first year there is an incredible list of problems one has to overcome, walking being only one of them. The list does get shorter as the years go on he will be pleased to know. I'm in my fifth year of recovery and the bad news is that the list does not vanish entirely. The fact that he has coped so well with that problem is good news.




He is doing really well, he had his check up with the stroke consultant yesterday who is really pleased with him also. Yes he gets frustrated with not being bale to do certain things and slowed down a lot. However mum and I have learnt to adapt also to help ease tension. ?