Prolonged fatigue episode

Hi all hope things are going well with you.

Well I'm learning a hard lesson. Just over a year post stroke and doing fine but just had a frantic few weeks selling up and moving house, lots of physical and mental activity. Plus being sacked from work in a rather drawn out process. Was feeling quite proud of myself then wham! I feel like I've hit a wall. Zero energy for the last week, stroke side effects more pronounced etc etc. So would I listen to folk telling me to slow up, oh no, well dear brain has took matters into it's own hands I think! So a lesson learned and I guess nothing for it but rest and sleep!! Xxxx

I can sympathise, I had my stroke in March and last week my dad died. I have found all the rushing around exhausting, though it wouldnt have been before my stroke. I was relieved to see that you say your symptoms are worse, I was worried becasue my co-ordination has been worse for the past week, I guess it must be the stress. Thanks for posting youve made me feel a whole lot better.

Hi Knitandsew, Sorry to hear and I do hope things are improving for you. If you're worried then I always find just running it past my stroke nurse usually helps. I am coming out the other side now but that's been a full week of almost total rest which I know isn't always an option for everyone. Take care. Mo xxx

I think all us survivors have had the same experience! You think you have everything under control and fate sneaks up behind you! You have certainly had a month and a half there. Many would have ended up in hospital after enduring all that.

Take care


Mo, many sympathies. It’s probably the result of overdoing things and other pressures. As Deigh says, it is something we survivors have to endure. I now have a very set daily routine and any variation has to be planned for carefully. Last weekend my partner and I had to go to a Golden Wedding celebration in Devon by train. It was all planned carefully and went well, but as soon as I got home I was shattered,

I find the least ailment affects my post stroke abilities and I still experience good days and bad days with my walking and with my weak arm and hand. Had two falls recently as well, one due to a clumsy footstep, but the other all my own fault. I simply had too large a whiskey nightcap. I got up from the sofa, but promptly fell back on to the sofa and slid onto the floor. My partner had gone to bed, so I had to get myself up, which, mercifully, I know how to do. Memo to not overdo things and go easy on the whiskey.

Hi Mo, thanks for your reply I don’t have a stroke nurse. I had 5 weeks intensive physio, OT, speech therapy and a stroke nurse but that ended after the 5 weeks (that is the allocated timeframe where I live). Jackie 

Oh my Jackie that's not much at all. I have been discharged so to speak from everyone apart from the consultant, but I am free to call any of the team anytime I need. It sure is a bit of a lottery xxx

Thanks Deigh yes happy to stay out of hospital at least! Xx