Hello to all here.

Reading all your comments has been of great interest to us and very inspiring to hear about how you have dealt with very difficult situations. Thank you very much for sharing. 

My dad had a stroke in April and is now home but he has lost the use of his left arm and left leg,his face has dropped on the left and suffers from alot of headaches and pain.

I was wondering if any one else was in this situation or was caring for someone in this situation, how much did you /they improve? I'm aware it's a slow process. Any comments will be much appreciated as I share them with him aswell as an encouragement to not give up. 

Kind Regards 


Stroke recovery is, unfortunately, a slow process. My stroke was six years ago. i'm still working hard on my recovery and still making progress. I'd recommend you get a copy of a book called Had a stroke? what now? by Tom Balchin. It'll help understand what's happened and what to expect.

At age 68 I had a stroke that comprehensively paralysed my limbs. I couldn't even turn over.

on day 4 I got out the hospital bed and walked in to the corridor. I know this is rare, but it does happen,,,,I am the living proof.

the next stages of recovery were slow. Slow slow. I am not the same person as before stroke, but I have had a huge amount of recovery. Very much down to my own strong will.

about one year ago, my left leg came back online. It's never too late.

smile smile then smile again. Be positive. Think about what I can do rather than what I can not.

it is early days for Dad. His brain is busy rewiring his neural pathways. That goes on for about two years.

therapy and physio is very helpful.

every time I get some extra or new movement is a pleasant success.

I do a small voluntary clerical job. I can drive short distances. I look after my cat. The cat, dear Sooty, gives immense pleasure. He accepts me as I am. 

there is hope.

keep on looking forward.



Thankyou for your message. You have done really well in your recovery and well done for being positive. 

Thank you, I will look into that and thank you for your response. 

I wish you all the best in your continued recovery.